Do you have a hustle habit?


In a world encouraging us to do more, be more, make more… slowing down (though it sounds lovely) can feel so freaking hard.


Because many of us have made the hustle a habit. (I have certainly been guilty of doing this, my dog however has neveršŸ¤£)

The problem is our nervous system is intended to oscillate between go mode (sympathetic) and slow mode (parasympathetic) and staying in constant go mode disrupts biochemistry in big ways.

Cortisol (which is great in small doses) floods into the bloodstream.

The body is put in a state of high alert because of this – slowing down our digestion, tensing our muscles, increasing our heart rate… basically getting us ready to fight or flee.

And we start to wonder why we are experiencing things like:

  • bloat,
  • irritability,
  • fatigue,
  • weight gain,
  • sleep challenges.

… and so much dis-ease.

Granting yourself permission to rest can go a really long way in helping the body to decompress and keep your biochemistry humming along in a way that supports rather than depletes.

And rest doesn’t only look like sleep, it also looks like…

=> Reducing the number of decisions you have to make in a day by eliminating the unnecessary and pre-deciding.

=> Setting boundaries and managing your brain to be ok with someone’s disappointment for setting said boundary,

=> Spending more time in nature,

=> Being fully present with whatever you are currently doing – rest can be baked into our “to do’s” via the energy we bring to the task…

… just to name a few things!

In this week’s episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I talk about the five basic measures that research shows us time and time again can help fortify your chemistry so you can show up in powerful ways for the things in your life you care about MOST.

You can check out episode 274 AND if you want to take what you learn further, consider registering for my FREE #fivetothrive video series.

Now tell me… how will you grant yourself permission to rest today?

Slow Down

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