Are these behind the reason you’re not showing up for yourself?

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Inconvenient truths behind 3 thoughts you might be thinking when it is time to show up for yourself:

Thought #1

“I don’t have time”

If you have time to beat yourself up and feel bad about how you are living your life you DO actually have time.

You just haven’t made yourself a priority yet.

Once you do that. You will find the time:)

Thought #2

“This is hard.”

Calculus is hard.

Running a business is hard.

Raising kids is hard.

Doing the things that will honor your health are actually NOT hard.

Drinking water – not hard.

Eating whole foods – not hard.

Moving your body – not hard.

Planning your day – not hard.

Putting yourself to bed – not hard.

They might be uncomfortable, but not hard.

Know the difference.

Thought #3

“I screwed up.”

Nope. You learned something. Growth actually REQUIRES imperfection because imperfection reveals the winning strategies:)

When you say you screwed up – you feel like crap and when you feel like crap, you stop showing up.

What did you LEARN?

Learning is fun! And when you are having fun you are more likely to stand back up and try again:)

What other thoughts might get in your way today? Drop them in the comments below.

Inconvenient Truths

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