Information overload is a very real condition.


Information Overload: a situation in which you receive too much information and cannot think about it in a clear way. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Sound familiar?

I grew up watching I Love Lucy and if you’re an I Love Lucy fan you remember the episode where Ethel and Lucy are working in the chocolate factory and they are struggling big time to keep up with this conveyor belt of chocolates. So, they end up putting chocolate everywhere. In their pants, in their bra, in their hat – so they appear that they are doing their job.

Well, it made for great comedy AND I feel like there is an invisible conveyor belt to the wellness industry. But there’s no chocolate on this belt! It’s information and the speed of this belt is increasing all the time to the point that one of two things happening for people…

They’re ending up in information overload to the point of paralysis. They’re not doing anything.
They’re trying to apply everything that they know so they’re actually ending up in burnout.

Information overload is a very real condition. A condition that far too many women are suffering from when it comes to navigating their way through the health & wellness space.

Think of it as trying to take a sip out of a firehose. (not the smartest strategy for satisfying your thirst)

Information overload typically results in one of two states: paralysis or burnout. Neither of which are particularly helpful in creating meaningful change.

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Information Overload

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