Bit by Bit with Grace & Grit: Igniting a Health Transformation in 2017

30 days of support, education and accountability to get your year started off right.

Next Round Starts January 16, 2017


The ones you put on your list every year, where you resolve to lose weight or you resolve to get in shape, once and for all – typically by doing something drastic to force your body into submission.

If you want to finally – at long last – improve your health in 2017, then, please…. out of respect for the miracle that is your body, just stop it.

That approach hasn’t worked for you (or hardly anyone, really) in the past, and it’s because it’s the wrong approach.  

It’s that kind of quick-fix mindset that only sets us up for failure, because we’re putting our focus on the wrong thing:  weight loss or body size or some other small piece of the much bigger picture: health.

The thing is, making these kinds of short-sighted resolutions is like putting a band-aid on things instead of making real change – the kind of change that lasts.

It’s not our fault that we do this year in and year out.  We’ve become believers in the quick-fix mentality because that’s what we’ve been sold, especially this time of year.  

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, why would you keep doing the same thing?

Just stop it.

Here’s how to make the lasting change you’re looking for:  

  • You make time every morning to get yourself inspired, centered, and organized.
  • You make the conscious effort to become aware of your body, your feelings, your environment
  • You prepare mentally to take small, consistent steps because they will take you much further than one giant leap ever could
  • You surround yourself with a like-minded community

These are the resolutions that – if implemented – will build a solid foundation for your health, and will set you on the course to going the long distance toward your health goals.

Houses with faulty foundations eventually crumble.  

I guarantee you that programs promising the quickest results with the least amount of effort will not help you construct a solid foundation for your health to stand on.

In 2017, resolve to build a solid foundation for your health.

Now.  How are you going to do it?

It’s hard.  I know it is!  

That’s why I’ve developed a month-long program, called “Bit by Bit With Grace & Grit,” where I will hold your hand and teach you exactly how to implement a few basic habits that can completely transform your health.

Did you know that…

You might actually be eating too little food?

Your body does not need (or want!) commercial detoxes or cleanses in order to detox and cleanse itself?

You can reframe your thinking so that your focus is on health versus weight loss (which oftentimes leads to weight loss)?


The theme of January’s Bit by Bit program is “Igniting a Health Transformation in 2017,” because that should be the goal of your New Year’s Resolutions:  a health transformation based on healing and wellness.

In this 4-week program, you’ll gain vital knowledge of how to heal your metabolism.  You’ll get accountability as you change your mindset, along with a small group of women in the very same boat as you.

You’ll start your day @ 6AM MST with a 30-minute group coaching call with me, where you’ll gain clarity and intention, setting just one healthy habit as your focus for the day ahead.

No more feelings of overwhelm and no more willpower-bashing.

Having coached women just like you for more than a decade, this is only the second time I’ve offered a program with the type of hands-on daily support you’ll find in the Bit by Bit program.

I’m offering it again because the participants in the inaugural round gave me such positive feedback about their experience, and since it’s my mission is to create a movement in support of getting healthy & encouraging women to love their body, I want you to be in on that!


30-minute group-coaching call (M-Th) via video conferencing!

A 6am (MST) group coaching call Monday -Thursday providing you with motivation, education and action steps for the day ahead.

Weekly accountability support!

A Facebook live call within our private facebook group to celebrate successes and navigate challenges.

Daily follow-up emails (M-Th)!

These daily follow-up emails will include access to the recorded morning call & action step details, in case you weren’t able to make the call.

A private support group!

The private support group will provide you with support and camaraderie with other women in the very same boat as you.


Here’s who this is for:

The woman ready to do things differently than she has in the past and even get a little dirty in the process.

The woman who realizes that health goes deeper than exercise and bikini season.

The woman who is ready to make time in her schedule for herself...and fiercely protect it.

The woman who understands that habit change requires time, dedication and lots of practice.


Stop letting the years continue to slip by while you sit on the sidelines hoping for change. Hope doesn’t change things. ACTION DOES.



Bit by Bit is just $147, which will give you access to the content, coaching calls and private support group mentioned above.

Listen, I get it:  getting up early sucks.

But you know what sucks more?  Continuing to live in a mediocre state, knowing that you want and deserve better.

Think about where you’ll be in 3 months if you don’t make a few basic changes right now:

  • Exactly where you are right now?
  • Heavier?
  • More tired?
  • More frustrated?
  • More depressed?

Now that the holidays are behind us, set your sights on a healthier body for your year ahead.  Learn to set your intentions each day.  Discover how your body responds to external stressors, and learn how to nurture it through.

As beneficial as the group calls are, you don’t have to be on the live call.  You’ll get daily emails – Monday through Thursday – with your action step for the day, along with a recording of the morning call.

Imagine how differently your life would feel if…

You no longer felt that pang of guilt and disappointment for overeating.

You celebrated your body for what it has done and what it can do – instead of loathing it for the way it looks.

You looked in the mirror and felt proud of the woman looking back at you.

You were less exhausted at the end of the day – despite waking up 30 minutes earlier.

You felt more confident going after what you really want for your life.

You were inspired to live a bigger life and end the madness of constantly trying to become smaller.

Isn’t that worth setting your alarm clock just 30 minutes earlier each day?  

We’re in this together, and I can promise you, we have more success in the company of other women, and by setting our intentions and getting our heads straight at the beginning of the day.  By actively seeking out our motivation.

What I promise is not a quick fix.  

My process is one where we’ll work together so you can start with a fresh, clean slate, and stop the negative body-bashing and guilt we’ve been trained to place upon ourselves.  

Believe it or not, studies actually show that women who are more compassionate with themselves in the face of setbacks are more successful in the long run.

What I promise is this:

You’ll learn health-management tips that you’ve probably never heard before.

You’ll find yourself feeling less guilt, extending more grace to your body and your resolve.

You’ll find more success being in the company of other women and by setting your intentions at the beginning of each day.

You’ll learn that achieving health is about trimming the fat from your life,  as much as (if not more than) from your body.

Seriously.  We’re talking 30 days.  That’s it.

You can do anything for 30 days, right?


Keep doing what you’re doing. And getting what you’re getting.

That, too, is a choice.

Life will continue to tick by either way.   


First Time Participants
$147 one-time
First Time Participants
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“I could go on and on. Bit by Bit is so much more than just “helpful”! Even though I have only been working with you for 3 weeks I truly feel that you have changed my life.

I have been eating veggies at every meal, eating slowly and mindfully, walking, stretching, focusing more on my family by making healthy meals for them and for me, and going to bed by 9:30. I have been naming and noticing what is going on physically and emotionally WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. I am also constantly asking myself, “What is my next healthy step?”

Sydney S.

The ‘Bit by Bit’ program is really amazing. I didn’t know what I was getting into at first, but I was excited because I want to establish a morning routine. I know, that being productive in your day means having a productive morning. Courtney really helped me navigate how to establish a morning routine and how to adjust to bumps along the way.

I would recommend this program to anyone. It is a great way to start your morning, plus you learn a lot of helpful knowledge! Getting healthy is tricky and there are many ‘quick fixes’ but Courtney addresses how to start the foundation to the road to becoming healthy and staying healthy for the long run.

Paige Sedgewick

When I signed up for the Bit by Bit program, I was looking for motivation and accountability. The morning calls delivered just that and so much more. It helped me create a morning ritual for myself to help plan each day for success. I learned tips and techniques on each call that I could carry out each day and use when I needed to regroup and focus on myself and my health. I would get off the phone calls feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to conquer the day with confidence and success. I can’t wait for the next Bit by Bit program.

Kelly Robinson


First Time Participants
$147 one-time
First Time Participants
Full Details
Past Participants
$99 one-time
Past Participants
Full Details