Seriously, why isn’t there a diagnosis for “integrity pain”?


Why isn’t there a diagnosis for “integrity pain”?

It seems that an awful lot of medical problems are a byproduct of just that.

I have been talking about integrity pain for years. Why?

Because it is a very real and insidious problem.

I work with women every single day who are in integrity pain.

They want to feel confident but they assault themselves with hate speech day in and day out.

They want to feel strong and vibrant in their body but they constantly seek evidence for why that just isn’t possible (and make lifestyle choices to match).

They want to pursue something that has been on their heart for years but they continue to play small due to fear of failure.

Here’s the harsh truth…

Living in a constant state of integrity pain is a slow death.

It eats away at you cell to soul and then… no surprise… you just might eventually get a “real” diagnosis.

I am often reminding my community that health is a direction not a destination. AND…

When you find yourself traveling in a direction you didn’t intend to go, it is important you pay attention to the signs that indicate that you need to reroute yourself.

If you don’t recognize when you are misaligned you can cause yourself to suffer unnecessarily and…well… that sucks.

The sooner you acknowledge that you are misaligned with the version of yourself you want most expressed in world, the sooner you can get yourself traveling again in the direction you intended to go.

So right now, consider the ways in which you recognize you are “out of alignment” when it comes to your health.

In other words, how do you know you are out of alignment? 

Do you get reactive?
Feel exhausted?
Want to retreat from life rather than go out and live it?

Does your joint pain flare up?
Do you experience headaches, digestive issues or skin problems?
Maybe you have restless sleep or terrible PMS?

Once you become better at identifying your misalignments (with curiosity NOT judgement) the more swiftly you can course-correct and bring yourself back into integrity with yourself.

Need more help with this? Episode 275 of the Grace & Grit podcast should help:)

Seriously, why isn't there a diagnosis for this? Integrity Pain

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