Do you have any of these limiting beliefs?


Consistency may not be sexy but it really is the only path to sustainable change.

And there are a lot of interesting beliefs about what consistency is….like…

“Consistency means I have to do things perfectly. “

If that were true. 230 episodes of the Grace & Grit podcast would NOT exist. My marriage would have dissolved long ago. My health would be a hot mess.

To consistently show up for ANYTHING means you are actually willing to be sloppy, messy and wildly imperfect. You plan, you fail, you learn and you stand up a wee bit wiser.

You know that saying… fall down 9 times, stand up 10. Well… that is consistency.

“Consistency means I have to be rigid.” 

Rigidity is a recipe for inconsistency – why?

Because life changes and evolves. Stress loads fluctuate and if you do not learn how to be flexible in your approaches – you will crash and burn.

“Consistency means intensity. “

Nopity, nope, nope. Intensity is often what extinguishes consistency. – especially in the early stages of developing new skills.

Consistency likes simplicity and the path of least resistance:) 

Tell me here… what do you think is your greatest barrier in showing up for yourself more consistently?

interesting beliefs about what consistency is

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