It is where the magic happens.


Yesterday my amazing friend and movement coach extraordinaire, Julie Angel, came into my Rumble & Rise community to teach a workshop that explores movement far outside the confines of traditional “exercise”.

And she made this comment that I’d like to sear into the brain of every human, “the work is in the wobble.”

She made this comment while we were working on balancing drills and it struck me as such a great metaphor for life.

To improve your physical balancing skills you need to practice being UNBALANCED. And the same is true for your mental and emotional balancing skills:)

If you want to build more resiliency, you will have to practice expanding your capacity to feel stress.

If you want to become mentally robust and/or emotionally agile you will have to lean into the discomfort of doing hard things.

If you want to get better at realigning yourself you have to be willing to experience what misalignment feels like.

In Julie’s beautiful words: The work is in the wobble.

You might wobble a little today.

You might wobble a lot.

It’s not a bad thing.

It is where the magic happens.

Wobble on, my friends:)
The work is in the WOBBLE.

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