No amount of kale is going to increase your sense of self-worth.


Your worth is already baked into your humanity. (read that again, then maybe 10 more times to sear it on your brain)

The diet industry, which makes bank off your insecurities, would like you to believe otherwise. 🤦‍♀️

It sells you on the idea that you can and should…

🤭Restrict your way to your worth.

🏋️‍♀️Bootcamp your way to your worth.

🥗 OD on Kale in an attempt to escalate your worth.

I am all for eating greens, exercising, and self-discipline but your worth will never be amplified by those things.

It can’t be because you are already 100% worthy.

Worth is not something you earn based on what you eat, how much you move, how much you weigh, or how much you accomplish.

Worth is something you already own.

You have been carrying your worthiness since the day you were born. (like a pair of wings you forgot you had)

Maybe you never got that memo?

Maybe you lost sight of it somewhere along the timeline of growing up?

Maybe you got distracted by the outside world trying to convince you otherwise?

Well, good news.

You can learn that now.

You can remember that now.

You can refocus on that fact now.

And I sure hope you do because acknowledging your worth makes self-care a delicious “get to” rather than a bitter “have to”.

No amount of kale is going to increase your sense of self-worth.

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