Kitchen Health 101

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Healthy people spend time in their kitchen, period.

If you really want to improve the quality of your health, you must set the stage for your success.  And center of the health stage is YOUR KITCHEN.

Your kitchen is a sacred space that has the power to either nourish or deplete your life.

Finding the Time to Improve Your HealthIt is imperative that you enjoy being in your kitchen and that it is stocked with the food and equipment you will need to make healthy living possible. It is EQUALLY important that you remove all of the things that you know will not serve your healthy living goals.

Let’s face it…

You will never know exactly what you are eating if you aren’t making your food yourself.   So, if you have big plans for improving your health (which you must, or you wouldn’t be reading this) YOU need to be preparing the bulk of your food yourself, which means you will have to spend quality time in your kitchen.

What’s that?   You don’t like cooking?

Do you like paying your bills? Cleaning your house? Get the oil changed in your car?

Probably not, but you do it because you know there will be breakdown and long-term damage if you neglect those things.

Stop thinking about how you feel about cooking, and ask yourself instead, what your amazing body deserves.

The two most important things to do when optimizing your kitchen for health success are simple:
1. Get the bad out.
2. Bring the good in




Anything that clutters the counters, cabinets or your energy, needs to go. If you know there are items you have not used in a few years, or that do not belong in a kitchen space, get rid of them. Your kitchen is not your office, garage or closet.


Any food items, cleaning supplies, or people that you KNOW are damaging to your health and wellbeing, do not belong in your kitchen. Seriously, your kitchen is your sanctuary of nourishment, anything that harms you, depletes you or robs you of your health and happiness…MUST GO.

Things to watch out for include:

*Candy, Chips, Soft Drinks, Cookies, Crackers, Glorified Candy Bars (granola bars/fruit bars), cake and bread mixes, juice, *ALCOHOL*

*Any cleaning supplies that have harmful chemicals – keep them in the garage if you must keep them.

*People who make you feel miserable, stressed or in any way , make you doubt your awesomeness or ability to succeed (yep…they will affect your ability to digest)


Like TV or anything else that turns your attention away from what you are doing (small children excluded). You need to be present and fully engaged with what you are doing in the kitchen. Mindlessness is, in part, what got you unhealthy. Getting healthier requires a conscious state to make the best choices around quality and quantity of food.

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If you don’t like being in your kitchen, you won’t use it very often and that is a problem when it comes to up-leveling your health. Your kitchen should be clean, bright and welcoming. Turn on some good music, put up some art or pictures that feed your heart and soul, bring in plants and flowers that help to lift your spirits.  Make some rules about what kind of “stuff” needs to stay out the kitchen…be it material things, paperwork, or certain conversations.


  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Lean Proteins
  • Whole Grains
  • Healthy Fats
  • Herbs and Spices You LOVE


If you don’t entirely trust the source of your drinking water, get a Brita filter that you can put on your tap or in your fridge. You don’t want any nastiness entering your body when you are trying to hydrate it.


If you are really intent on staying on track with your health goals, you will need to take food with you. You cannot expect there to be healthy food options everywhere you go. So invest in travel containers that you will use to store and transport your healthy meals in: containers, a cooler bag, a shaker bottle and a thermos


Allow the people who nourish your heart and soul into your kitchen often and much. Do not feel that you have to cook any different for these people. By stepping up to reclaim your health and happiness, you have become an example. And we all need people in our lives who are doing things a little differently to show us that there is another way. Be the example of taking responsibility for your health for the people you love.


There is a reason you want to take better care of yourself.  What is it?

There are things your improved health will allow you to do more easily.  What are they?

There are things your heart is telling you to go after; things that you will more prepared to handle in a healthy state.  What are those things?

Post those answers on your fridge, in your cooler bag, on that pizza delivery magnet (that you really should have thrown out) to remind yourself why you are making the effort to take better care of yourself and your kitchen.

I’d love to hear what you have done to make your kitchen a more nourishing place and/or less of a depleting one. Share in the comments below.

Need more ideas for how to bring the good into your kitchen?  Check out 7 Ways to Invest in Your Health at the Grocery Store


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