Knowing When to Push and When to Pull

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When was the last time you stopped to consider what success actually meant to you?

If it has been a while, I’d like to encourage you to take a few minutes to consider it.


Because knowing what success means to you very well may help you slow down a little, get a bit more rest, and spend a bit more time with the people you love without feeling guilty.

Know Yourself BetterThat has certainly been the case for me because achieving success in one isolated area of my life is not, I realized on closer inspection, how I define success.

Making more money in my business by spending less and less time with my family, is NOT my definition of success.

Achieving my leanest physique by spending countless in the gym and being accountable to every bite of food that goes in my mouth 365 days a year, is NOT my definition of success.

Living life so fast and furiously that I run myself into the ground and fail to really experience any of it, is NOT my definition of success.

Don’t get me wrong…
I love making money.
I love feeling strong and vibrant.
I love digging my heels in and accomplishing goals.

But success is more than that to me. Success is…

Making money AND spending a lot of time with my family and friends.

Taking excellent care of myself AND have enough time and energy to say yes to adventures and other interests.

Crushing my goals AND not feel exhausted and depleted on the other side of accomplishing them.

Success is a balance between the push AND the pause.

If I only push (chase personal and professional goals) without the pause (spending time restoring, reflecting, adventuring and loving hard on my peeps), I won’t feel successful. This I know for sure.

I am sharing this with you today with the hopes that you will extend yourself more permission this week to rest and restore without the guilt.

Extending yourself the grace of pausing isn’t self-indulgent or selfish, it is what allows you to push without breaking so you can really savor the sweetness of your success:)

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