There are… so. many. layers.


My journey through the wellness industry both personally and professionally has been much like the proverbial “onion”.

The more I learn and the more I integrate what I learn, the more layers to the health equation get exposed.

And there are… so. many. layers.

Wanting to be a better movement lead me to study human physiology.

Wanting to better understand human physiology lead me wanting to understand nutrition science.

Nutrition science introduced me to the world of metabolic health.

Metabolic health inspired me to learn everything I could about the things that influence the health and well-being of our cells (which turns out to be a LOT of things).

And this got me wildly curious about why humans choose to do things that deplete their cellular health, and why they don’t necessarily do the things that will nurture it.

This got me asking so many questions about the human brain and why it is so freaking hard for humans to change patterns and behavior that aren’t serving them.

Which has an awful lot to do with the person’s capacity to experience emotions, manage stress and regulate their own nervous system. Something I understood in a “surface-level way” but became acutely aware of when I crossed paths with, and more importantly started to PRACTICE, Irene Lyon’s work years ago.

Irene’s teachings around the nervous system have been a very powerful part of the onion peeling process for me and so I could not be more thrilled to have her as a guest, once again, on the Grace & Grit Podcast.

If you’d like to dive deeper into your own wellness journey, to expose another layer of the onion, do not miss this episode.

(pssst… on 11/29/21 you can get $100 off Irene’s 21-Day Nervous System Tune-Up course here!)

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