Leading you to towards independence.


I have worked with coaches most of my adult life. I have also been a coach my entire adult life.

Following a recipe that worked for someone else’s life is not how you find peace with your own.

The motives behind one person pursuing something can be super nourishing, while another person’s motives for pursuing the exact same thing can be horrifically depleting.

Only you know why you pursue the things that you do, and it turns out…your reasons matter a lot for health & sustainability (if those things matter to you).

Whoever you hire to help you move your life to higher ground, I hope it is someone who is intent on leading you towards independence.

Developing self-leadership skills is the work we do inside of my Rumble & Rise community.

Join me here on Instagram and tag a teacher, mentor, coach, or friend who has helped you to trust yourself more.

leading you to towards independence

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