Learning to Rumble & Rise

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If you have followed my work for any length of time, you probably know by now that I think there is A LOT more to the health equation than just food and exercise. In fact, the entire reason I started the Grace & Grit Podcast, nearly 2 and half years ago, was to help women explore ways of improving health beyond the “eat less, exercise more” ideology that has been crammed down our throats.

Health is a process of healing, not just your physiology but the psychology that drives behaviors, directly influencing your physiology.

As someone who spent the first decade of her career immersed heavily in the fitness industry and the second decade immersed heavily in health coaching, I am more convinced than ever that deep health is only possible when you are willing to do deep inner work.

Inner work is the practice of acknowledging the parts of yourself that you’d rather the rest of the world just didn’t know about: the fear, the shame, the frustration, the doubt, the disappointment, etc.

Who the hell wants to do that, Courtney? Who has TIME for that?

Yeah, I know. It doesn’t sound fun and it often isn’t. It is really no wonder why we hyper-focus on the easier stuff, like the latest diet and exercise programs, to try to take back control of our health.

But, if you truly want to feel at peace with how you are living your life, “going in” isn’t optional, it is the required admission.

“Going in” is how you take radical responsibility for where you are in your life right now, decide what needs to be renovated in the areas that are misaligned, establish a game plan for turning them around and then show up daily to “do the work” you have called yourself to do.

So let me ask you…

Are you doing your own inner work?

I’ll be honest, for a very long time, I most definitely was NOT. I was willing to go anywhere but in.

For years, I operated in the space of “knowing” the inner work was important and simultaneously avoiding it in every possible way I could.  Looking at my inner landscape meant spending time I didn’t have, feeling things I didn’t really want to feel. 

Denial and avoidance seemed like much better strategies than trying to understand my “dark side”.

Except… they weren’t better strategies.

The discomfort of not doing the work became far more painful than the discomfort of engaging with it.  So, change, I rerouted myself, did a u-turn and headed back into myself.  I started to go in.

And, I’ll tell ya, the journey so far has been:

…  hard AND tender
…  disorienting AND insightful
… heart-breaking AND heart-opening
… AND absolutely 110% WORTH it.

I feel more sure-footed than I have in a very long time and that feels really damn good.

Years ago, I read Rising Strong by Brené Brown and, in the book, Brené talks about the importance of being willing to rumble with our lives. She defines rumbling as: 

“Unleashing curiosity.  Poking, prodding and exploring the in’s and outs of our story.”

Rumbling is akin to getting in the ring with grief, vulnerability, failure, expectations, perfectionism, trust, shame, integrity and every other “hard” emotion, so we can stop numbing it and hiding from it and learn how to befriend them (which disempowers them, by the way). 

I am learning over and over again that NOT stepping into the ring with hard emotions actually brings more pain into my life than the negative emotion I am trying to avoid in the first place.

So, I am committed to a practice of stepping into the ring with hard emotions and granting myself permission to rumble with them – not until the death – but until I feel I have actually come back to life.

Giving myself permission to rumble is how I also grant myself permission to rise and do better.

Rumbling requires humility and courage.
Rumbling requires honesty, persistence and patience.
Rumbling is how we return home to ourselves. 

No matter how far away from home base you feel right now, what matters MOST is that you are willing each and every day to step into the ring, rumble and rise to the occasion that is your life.  That is how you find your way back!

In dedication to this notion, I am committing to showing up every Monday to offer some words of encouragement to help you Rumble & Rise with a bit more Grace & Grit.

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