Most women I work with don’t need MORE information…


I watched an episode of a show called Dirty Rotten Cleaners as I was catching up on laundry this weekend.

The show is about a biohazard cleaning company in Florida that goes into really dirty homes and cleans them up (the owner of the company has a huge heart for helping out struggling humans, which was probably the best part of the show). I don’t need to watch another episode, but I bring it up because…

The homes they go into on the show are the homes of people who hoard things. And it got me thinking…

Material hoarding, like on this show, you can SEE.

Information hoarding, you cannot see, but we suffer from this kind of overconsumption all the same.

I have been helping women improve their health and well-being now for over 2 decades and I see A LOT of information hoarding… the consumption of more and more information without ever really using any of it. Gah!

The truth is most women I work with don’t need MORE information about WHAT to do to move their health to higher ground – they need more consistent application of the things they already know!

💧   Stay hydrated.
🍲 Eat a well-balanced diet of real food.
💃🏼  Move your body often and much.
🤔 Think in ways that are useful to you.
😴 Take rest and restoration seriously.

Do these things on the regular (those last three words are key: ON THE REGULAR) and I bet you will start feeling better.

Might you need something more complicated down the road? Maybe.

But it never ceases to amaze me how far BASIC measures applied consistently can take someone:)

Make it a magnificent week.

most people I work with don't need MORE information

you incredible human.

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