Let’s change the health game.


I have worked with my fair share of seemingly healthy, fit-looking individuals over the years who were a FAR CRY from healthy.

You can rock a bikini and hate your life.

You can have a super low body fat percentage and zero sense of self-worth.

You can appear athletic while using food or alcohol to numb the truth of your life.

Appearing healthy and BEING healthy are not the same thing.

For years I have watched women try to change what they look like on the outside in order to change how they feel about themselves on the inside.

But that’s not the way it works.

Improved health is a byproduct of the way you:

  • think about yourself, your life and about what happens in your life,
  • navigate problems and challenges,
  • show up in relationships,
  • process and regulate emotions,
  • manage the total stress load of your life.

Shifting the pursuit from appearing healthy to actually BEING healthy is a #gamechanger

Here’s to changing the game!

Let's change the health game.

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