Are you listening or dictating to your body?

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Are you listening to your body or are you dictating to it?

  • Listening is asking your body what it needs and honoring what you find (even if you don’t like the answer – and often you won’t).
  • Dictating is telling it what you expect it to do.

Most women, I have found, are in a habit of doing the latter and wondering why their body isn’t responding.

Would you do what someone asked of you if they never stopped to listen to you or to get to know you?

Dictating is NOT how healthy relationships grow and… well… health is a relationship… the most long-term, intimate relationship you will ever be in.

My husband always says, “ we have two ears and 1 mouth for a reason – nature was trying to make it clear that listening was more important than talking.” #truth


My challenge to you today, should you choose to accept it, is to ask your body how YOU can support it, rather than presenting it with your laundry list of expectations for how it is supposed to support you. Share your comments below.

Health is a relationship NOT a dictatorship.

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