Do you want to live your life by default or by design?


Watching Rumble & Rise members, like Heather Ring, go after the things they deeply and truly want for their health and their life is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

Is it scary to do things you have never done before? Yep.

Will you have to lean into discomfort to create new possibilities for your life? Definitely.

Is there work involved? Of course.


Living a life playing small is ALSO scary because REGRET about how you lived your one precious life is oh-so-painful.

There is ALSO a lot of discomfort by NOT going after the things you truly want

Not liking who you are or how you show up in the world is ALSO a lot of freaking work. (shame and self-judgment are very effort-FULL practices)

My point?

There will be fear, discomfort, and effort if you live by default or by design.

The only question is: do you want those things to work FOR or AGAINST you?

For the full interview I did with Heather about her experience inside of Rumble & Rise, check out podcast episode: Community Matters, Episode 231

Do you want to live your life by default or by design?

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