Look at the beliefs driving your actions.

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5 years ago I moved my brick and mortar business entirely online.

I had been working with clients remotely for years and wanted to take the leap much sooner than I did but there were 2 things really standing in my way:

  1. I had no strategy. Well…not a sensible one (I was throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick and NOTHING was sticking)
  2. I didn’t really believe I could make it work.

Eventually, I invested in some education and coaching to remedy both and I am so grateful I did because today I have a thriving online business that allows me to work with women all over the world AND be present in the other areas of my life that mean so much to me.

Those obstacles I was facing are the very same obstacles I see my clients rumbling with who want to take better care of themselves more consistently.

  • You know WHAT to do, but you struggle with applying what you know in a way that doesn’t make you want to quit on day 1. AND…
  • You are so focused on the actions you need to take that you fail to look at the beliefs driving those actions.

That’s where I come in!

My zone of genius is helping you make sure that the strategies you are using to try and create meaningful change actually make sense to the rest of your life.

And, help you develop the mindset to actually show up and implement those strategies, not for just a few weeks or months, but on the regular.

If you are a woman struggling with either of these things, you should consider joining me inside of the Rumble & Rise arena.

You can read all about this incredible incubator of support and education right here.

Doors close Wednesday and will not open again until 2021.

look at the beliefs driving those actions

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