3 simple shifts to
ditch diet culture AND radically improve
your health



3 simple shifts to ditch diet culture AND radically improve
your health


If you are tired of being on the diet hamster wheel this free class is for you!

I’m hosting a free online masterclass to introduce to you 3 simple shifts you can make to ditch diet culture AND still make incredible progress towards improving your health.

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • How to start trusting yourself to make the best decisions for your health without following a list of rules and regulations that worked for someone else’s life.
  • The secret to following through with your good intentions that is missing from nearly every diet program out there.
  • The truth about how behavior change works in the brain and why “it takes 21-days to form a new habit” is total rubbish.

Hi! I am Courtney Townley & I have great news!

You do not need to go on an extreme diet or adopt an insane exercise program to uplevel your health.

Now, I know that is completely counterintuitive to what is being marketed to you by mainstream diet culture. But the truth is, taking big measures in short time frames to create big results doesn’t work for sustainability  (just google “long-term success rate of the diets”, if you question that).

Also… pursuing physical health at the expense of your mental health will never actually create health.

Over the course of a 20-year career in the wellness industry, I learned first hand that deep health isn’t found by following a set of rules and regulations that “may” have worked for someone else’s life, it is about being willing, ready and able to write your own playbook.   

Through personal experience, loads of education, and the opportunity to help hundreds of clients, I have developed a knack for helping others to up-level their health and happiness in a way that is sensible, powerful, and, above all... sustainable.

And I am sharing a bit of what I have learned along my journey in this new masterclass, so you can stop bouncing from program to program and start building health practices that honor who you at every age and stage of life.

This special class is for women who:

  • are tired of following meal plans and aggressive exercise plans that they can never seem to stick to anyway. 
  • know there must be another way to go about honoring their health, they just arent' sure what it is.
  • want to make peace with their body so they can focus on the areas of their life that truly mean the most.
  • are ready to stand face to face with behaviors that are no longer serving them (and maybe never did)
  • want to feel confident in their ability to show up for themselves with more consistency and ease

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