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It is time to make peace with your body, your health, and yourself.

And... if you truly want to feel at peace with how you are living your life, “going in” and taking a close look at why you do what you do isn’t optional, it is the required admission.

Nurturing the relationship you have with yourself is how you take radical responsibility for where you are in your life right now, decide what needs to be renovated in the areas that are misaligned, establish a game plan for turning them around and then show up daily to “do the work” you have called yourself to do.

And no... that will not be a clean and linear process.  It will be wildly imperfect, because if it wasn’t - you wouldn’t learn a darn thing.  That’s why I call it the rumble.

I have been helping women rumble with more ease and grace along the path to better health for more than 20 years and I'd love to help you.

Please accept this personal invitation to:

Rumble & Rise is an exclusive membership arena where women ditch diet culture and discover their prime doesn’t have to be in the rear-view mirror.

It’s for women who crave deep health and want additional guidance to defeat the lie that says health is simply a matter of energy-in versus energy-out, a number on the scale or a particular look.

Smart, capable women who have done - and are doing - marvelous things in nearly all areas of their life.

Often, at the expense of their health.

Women who

  • Invest their heart and soul into their family and/or community
  • Show up in the daily grind of climbing the corporate ladder
  • Pour blood, sweat, and tears into balancing the demands of work and family life

Women who operate in the space of knowing that inner work is important, while simultaneously avoiding it in any way they can, leaving them frustrated and confused about how to take back control of their own health.

Sustainable health is a lifelong marathon, not a sprint.

Rumble & Rise is an online coaching platform - an arena, really - that I created to give guidance and support to women just like you in achieving success in that marathon.

For you to come as you are, wherever you are and rumble with what it will take for you to elevate your life.

Through a robust vault of resources that I developed based on years of helping women navigate their way back to excellent health through training and coaching - women who are successful in all the ways our society views success.

But they need a lifeline. So do you.

And that’s precisely what I’ve created with The Rumble & Rise Arena.

But that’s not all...

I am throwing in an AMAZING bonus: The Consistency Code!

Once you become a member, you will get immediate access to my foundational course, The Consistency Code, where you will learn the four practices to uplevel your mindset about health. 

After completing the 4 modules of The Consistency Code you will join me in the Rumble and Rise Arena, a safe space to learn, experience, and get support as you put into practice the development of self-leadership that you learned inside The Consistency Code.

About The Consistency Code

This signature program teaches you the four essential practices that make change stick for good.

Consistency with the practice of:

  • Awareness
  • Organization
  • Follow-through
  • Realignment

The Consistency Code combines a rock-solid foundation and sustainable practices that you can pivot back to when you get a little or (a lot) misaligned. Because EVERYONE gets misaligned at some point. This journey isn't about perfection is about a commitment to consistently realigning yourself when you feel off-kilter.

The Consistency Code used to be a paid stand-alone course that I offered only twice per year to help women lay a healthy groundwork with sensible, sustainable habits.

It proved to be such an important and sane approach to creating positive change in thoughts and behavior, I’ve decided to offer it to you for FREE with your first month of membership in the Rumble & Rise Arena.

This isn’t just a bonus.

It’s a, — no, it’s the — toolbox that you’ll turn to again and again as you shift your mindset and behaviors for positive change. It’s where I suggest you start your journey with me, and it’s why I’m offering The Consistency Code as a bonus to members of the Rumble & Rise Arena.

The sexiest thing Courtney has ever said to me: ‘There is a magic pill. It’s one you must swallow every day for success. It’s called consistency.’ She shows you exactly how to do it in The Consistency Code - which, by the way, is alone worth the price of entry into The Rumble & Rise Arena.
—Kristan Braziel

Courtney helped me increase my self-confidence by providing all kinds of resources and encouragement. Improving health is so much more than just muscles and food. Rumble and Rise offers programs to help you build good habits, have private/group coaching calls, Workouts, Recipes, Mindset work, Masterclasses, Podcasts, and more. I strongly recommend Courtney’s Rumble and Rise program to any woman who wants to start becoming their best self! —Nancy

I hope you’ll join me in the Arena. And let’s be honest...
if you’re still reading this,
you know you’re already interested.

Registration is now closed. Sign up to be notified when registration reopens.

Here’s what you’ll get as a member of Rumble & Rise:

to help you "reorient" the way you think about and nurture your health.  

where we celebrate wins and navigate the obstacles along your journey.

packed with programs to help you get and stay moving.  

filled with mindset reset audio files that act like guided meditations to keep you focused on moving closer to the woman you want to become.

full of kitchen tips and tricks and recipes to ensure you can nourish your body without spending hours in the kitchen.

Plus these bonuses:

  • The Consistency Code, the toolbox that you’ll turn to again and again as you shift your mindset and behaviors for positive change.
  • Four additional LIVE Group Coaching Calls each week for the first month, starting Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 at 5 PM MDT, as you work through The Consistency Code (don't worry, if you can't make these calls, they are recorded for you to watch at a time that is more convenient).

Once you’re in, you’re in.
And, you'll receive unlimited access for as long as you are a member!

The Rumble & Rise platform is perfect for you if you are:

  • Done with diets
  • Ready to take radical responsibility for your health and your life
  • Curious about why you do what you do.
  • Committed to getting out of “Integrity Pain” (the pain that comes from your actions being misaligned with what you say it is you want for your life)
  • Craving more education, support, and inspiration to show up on the hardest days
  • Frustrated that you aren’t further along
  • Considered “fit” or “thin,” but have a deep knowing that you are a far cry from "healthy"
  • Worried that if you stop your current diet regimen, you’ll slide down a slippery slope back to square one

And you want to:

  • Feel more alive and healthy than ever before, and like you are living in a way that is completely aligned with who you want to be in the world
  • Feel relaxed and confident, with a sense of clarity
  • Go to bed at night feeling at peace with how you’ve cared for yourself during the day
  • Feel restored and unmistakably you - like anything and everything is possible

Listen. This journey will be:

Hard AND tender.

Disorienting AND enlightening.

Heartbreaking AND heart-opening.

And absolutely 100% worth it.

I know you are ready to do this. It’s the only way to work long-term with me in making this time the last time you “start over.”

See you in the Arena.

“I considered myself already pretty healthy and self-aware, but I joined Rumble and Rise to really up-level my commitment to self-care and health. I wanted to go from feeling my actions/mindset around wellness were "pretty good" to feeling 100% empowered and aligned.

I finally feel like I'm treating my body, how it deserves. Courtney's habit and mindset tools have translated to all areas of my life - not only in health and wellness but also supported my career and parenting journeys.

Courtney is a generous and fierce advocate for living life fully. She is a gifted coach who will challenge you to grow and support you with a myriad of practical tips and tools.” —Sarah Louise Lilly

Courtney has helped me prioritize my goals and stay on track. Her work is like none that I have ever experienced before. And I LOVE setting wellness goals and learning about how to achieve them.

The Rumble and Rise Membership has been critical to realigning my mindset and accomplishing goals in several areas of my life.  I feel connected in the community of like-minded women who want to improve their health with consistency and grace.  —Dr. Celestine Arambulo

Courtney has helped to show me that hardship is the greatest opportunity for growth.  The Rumble & Rise is a beautiful community where you can share intimate thoughts and emotions you may be “rumbling” with during the change process without feeling an ounce of shame. The content of the masterclasses in incredibly empowering and I always leave the coaching calls with a renewed sense of self-leadership.—Kelsey Nevins

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