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Ditch the diet culture madness

and learn how to make change stick... for good!


Rumble & Rise

An exclusive membership arena to help you take better care of yourself with more consistency and ease.

Here is what Rumble & Rise will help you do (that one-size-fits-all diet and exercise programs do not)...

  • Defeat the lie that says health is simply a matter of energy-in versus energy-out, a number on the scale or a particular look.
  • Understand the reasons why you do things that are NOT in line with what you say you want for your life and why you DON’T do the things that are.
  • Write your own playbook for improving your health and happiness, so you can stop searching for an expert who can write it for you (pssst… that person does not actually exist, anyway).
  • Organize yourself in a way that ensures you are living your day in a way that allows you to put your head on the pillow at night feeling at peace with how you lived it.
  • Trust yourself to do what you said you would do, even on the days you don’t “feel” like doing the work.
  • Change what you believe about yourself and about what is possible for your future.
  • And...
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable, messy, and wildly imperfect in a community of women who are allowing themselves to do the same.

There has never been a better time than right now!

My dear woman, I see you struggling,

Contrary to what popular culture has conditioned you to believe, your life’s work is not to obsessively worry about your weight or how you look when you put on that swimsuit.

The real work of your life is to learn to like who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

The real work of your life is to become a fully expressed and authentic human (whatever that means for you).

And you simply cannot show up to do that work if you are feeling mentally and physically depleted.

I am willing to bet, since you are reading this, that your own self-care is the very thing that you have been sacrificing, as you...

  • Invest your heart and soul into your family and/or community
  • Show up in the daily grind of climbing the corporate ladder, or perhaps, building a business
  • Pour blood, sweat, and tears into balancing the demands of balancing it all (during a pandemic, no less!)

You can feel your mental and physical well-being slipping out of your grasp, but you just can’t seem to figure out how to get traction with it. You are tired of spinning your wheels and oh-so-frustrated.

Frustrated that you go to bed with the best of intentions each night to “do better” tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and you fail to do the things you said you would do for yourself… yet again.

Frustrated that you keep dishing out hard-earned cash to programs that “worked for everyone else” but never seem to work for YOU.

Frustrated that you can show up, without fail, for everyone in your life, except yourself.

Frustrated that life is marching on and your “best years” are looking like they just might be in the rearview mirror.

Frustrated because you have big plans for your life that depend on you feeling good in your body and about yourself.

So, in your desperation, you…

Sign-up for the “Hail Mary” approaches (things that promise to make you feel better fast, but that you can’t possibly sustain because the measures are far too drastic).

Put unrealistic expectations on yourself and, worse yet, judge yourself harshly when you fall short on meeting those expectations.

Conjure up dramatic storylines around your mistakes and failures that make you feel like diving head first into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

And the worst part is you keep doing it over and over again

ENOUGH. You are DONE with the struggle.
And so very ready to show up for yourself.

Showing up for yourself does not have to be so hard, in fact, believing that it does is a big part of the reason you are struggling.

You are so done with feeling frustrated and disempowered and oh-so ready to step into the things that your life is calling you to do.

You are ready to support your body in the ways it deserves to be supported.

You are ready to release all of the shame, the judgement and the guilt.

You are ready to spend more time building yourself up rather than tearing yourself down.

You are ready to take unrelenting ownership that YOU are really the only thing standing in the way of the life you have imagined.


The lifeline you need to end the start/stop cycle of your self-care.

Your Rumble & Rise Membership Includes

A monthly MASTERCLASS to help you "reorient" the way you think about and nurture your health.

There are 18 masterclasses already in the vault on topics like: Commitment & Time Management, Blood Sugar Regulation, Parenting Your Brain, Stacking Habits, Goal Setting, Boundaries, Body Image… and so much more!

A Private Podcast to ensure that no matter where you are, you can listen to the masterclasses and group coaching call replays.

If you are a Grace & Grit Podcast fan, you will LOVE the Rumble & Rise private podcast feature!

4 monthly GROUP COACHING CALLS where we celebrate wins and navigate the obstacles along your journey.

Not only will you have the opportunity to be coached through your own challenges on these calls, but you will learn a ton by listening to other members being coached, as well.

A MINDSET VAULT filled with mindset reset audio files that act like guided meditations to keep you focused on moving closer to the woman you want to become.

These audio files are 15-20 min each and will help you to recenter on the days you feel like quitting.

A NOURISH VAULT full of kitchen tips and tricks to ensure you can nourish your body without spending hours in the kitchen.

This vault includes a recipe "round up" each month, which is a list of incredible (and healthy) recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers and chefs.

A MOVEMENT VAULT packed with programs to help you get and stay moving. Gone will be the days that you say "I just don't know what to do."

Most of these programs can be done easily in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment.

WORKSHOPS exclusive to Rumble & Rise Members some taught by myself and others taught by guests who specialize in topics like female hormones, food intolerance testing and gut health.


Once you become a member, you will get immediate access to my foundational course, The Consistency Code, where you will learn the four practices that will skyrocket your ability to show up for yourself… well, more consistently, of course!

After completing the four modules of The Consistency Code you will join me in the Rumble and Rise Arena, a safe space to learn, experience, and get support as you put into practice the development of self-leadership that you learned inside The Consistency Code.

This 4-week signature program teaches you
how to build consistency with these 4 practices...





The Consistency Code combines a rock-solid foundation and sustainable practices with the support and accountability you are looking for.

This used to be a paid stand-alone course that I offered only twice per year to help women lay a healthy groundwork with sensible, sustainable habits.

It has proven to be such an important and sane approach to creating positive change in with my clients, I’ve decided to offer it as a part of the Rumble & Rise Arena.

This isn’t just an add-on.

It’s a - no, it’s the - toolbox that you’ll turn to again and again to keep yourself aligned with what you say it is you want for your life. It’s where I suggest you start your journey with me, and it’s why I’m offering The Consistency Code as a bonus to members of the Rumble & Rise Arena.



Learn from 16 leading experts, what it really takes to reclaim your health, your happiness and your confidence after 40.

You get access to ALL of the interviews and free gifts from this event plus additional bonuses, audio files and specific resource material. And the best part, review them at your own pace with unlimited access!



The sexiest thing Courtney has ever said to me:

‘There is a magic pill. It’s one you must swallow every day for success. It’s called consistency.’

She shows you exactly how to do it in The Consistency Code - which, by the way, is alone worth the price of entry into The Rumble & Rise Arena. —Kristan Braziel

Courtney has helped to show me that hardship is the greatest opportunity for growth. 

The Rumble & Rise is a beautiful community where you can share intimate thoughts and emotions you may be “rumbling” with during the change process without feeling an ounce of shame. The content of the masterclasses in incredibly empowering and I always leave the coaching calls with a renewed sense of self-leadership. —Kelsey Nevins

Courtney has helped me prioritize my goals and stay on track. Her work is like none that I have ever experienced before. And I LOVE setting wellness goals and learning about how to achieve them.

The Rumble and Rise Membership has been critical to realigning my mindset and accomplishing goals in several areas of my life. 

I feel connected in the community of like-minded women who want to improve their health with consistency and grace.  —Dr. Celestine Arambulo

I considered myself already pretty healthy and self-aware, but I joined Rumble and Rise to really up-level my commitment to self-care and health. I wanted to go from feeling my actions/mindset around wellness were "pretty good" to feeling 100% empowered and aligned.

I finally feel like I'm treating my body, how it deserves.
Courtney's habit and mindset tools have translated to all areas of my life - not only in health and wellness but also supported my career and parenting journeys.

Courtney is a generous and fierce advocate for living life fully. She is a gifted coach who will challenge you to grow and support you with a myriad of practical tips and tools. —Sarah Louise Lilly

I strongly recommend Courtney’s Rumble and Rise program to any woman who wants to start becoming their best self!

She has helped me increase my self-confidence by providing all kinds of resources and encouragement. Rumble and Rise offers programs to help you build good habits, have private/group coaching calls, Workouts, Recipes, Mindset work, Masterclasses, Podcasts, and more. —Nancy

Okay, wait for it… I LOVE MY BODY!!!

For the first time in my life, I can say I am fully embodied in my body. I can now actually listen and hear what my body needs.

It is no longer separate from my head, it’s the way life is meant to be lived for sure. If I did not have the pieces of the puzzle you gave me it would not have come together. —Lauren Lebovitz

When I saw that it was at a very reasonable price, I couldn't wait to become a member, and I haven't regretted it for a moment.

Courtney teaches about nutrition, movement, and all the other things that matter for deep health. But the big difference with Courtney is that she teaches how incredibly important our mindset and thought management is and I haven't heard that from anyone else. —Vicky Van Looy

Finding Courtney Townley and her Rumble & Rise Membership Site has been a game-changer for me!

The group coaching calls are so impactful because we’re all on this journey together, and whether I ask a question or another woman does, we all get to hear Courtney’s coaching, which ALWAYS helps me.

This has so much information and so many opportunities to interact DIRECTLY with Courtney, which to me is what sets this apart from any other membership site. The group coaching calls are so impactful because we’re all on this journey together, and whether I ask a question or another woman does, we all get to hear Courtney’s coaching, which ALWAYS helps me. —Colette Fitzgerald

Courtney's ability to facilitate change is AMAZING!

Courtney provides an opportunity to join a group within a safe and encouraging space with other like-minded women who are on their own health journeys seeking to fulfill their untapped magnificence.

Rumble & Rise provides an environment of learning without judgment within a supportive community which can be especially difficult to find right now. I've learned the importance of and how to manage my thoughts so that I can navigate life more easily whatever comes my way - especially in the year 2020! —Natalie Knight

I have also found myself using the skills I am learning in the clinical work I do with clients!

I “knew” a lot of what I needed to do, but was struggling with barriers to doing them consistently. Joining Rumble & Rise has made “all the difference.”

Courtney provides a safe space to share struggles and receive support in dealing with them! Whether I am receiving direct input from Courtney or just listening to her feedback with others in the group, I have found Courtney & the group to be a wealth of information and support! Courtney encourages the development of “self-leadership” rather than promoting dependency on her as the “expert.” —Mary Lynn Hammond

I joined Rumble and Rise because I was ready to take my personal development to the next level.

I was in a space of feeling like I was spinning my wheels-- trying to jugglenew motherhood, a career, home/family life, and never feeling "good enough." I was emotionally and physically exhausted at the end of every day, and not sure why or how to fix it.

I'm finding myself more focused, energized, and motivated in all areas of my life. I know the changes I'm seeing are for the long term because I've put in the work and realize this will be a life long practice and not a quick fix. Amazing new content/material each week and coaching calls and bonus workshops that make the monthly fee well worth the cost. —Shannon Cronin

Hi! I am Courtney Townley.

Over the course of a 20-year career in the wellness industry, and rumbling with some of my own personal challenges, I learned first hand that deep health isn’t achieved by following a set of rules and regulations that “may” have worked for someone else’s life, it is about being willing, ready and able to get to know yourself well, so you can lead yourself well.

Through personal experience, loads of education, and the opportunity to help hundreds of clients, I have developed a knack for helping others to up-level their health and happiness in a way that is sensible, powerful, and, above all... sustainable.

And I deliver the best of what I have learned inside of the Rumble & Rise arena, so you can travel with more ease and grace along your own health journey.

Helping women rise to shape a life that feels 100% aligned with who they want to be in the world is my passion and what I consider to be an awesome privilege. I’d love to help you..


Only $59 per month or
$590 per year (2 months free!)


Cancel easily at any time. No notice required.

Get ready to RUMBLE with the real reasons you struggle to take care of yourself
so you can RISE fully to the occasion that is your life!


This journey will be...

Hard AND tender.

Disorienting AND Enlightening.

Heartbreaking AND Heart-opening.

And absolutely 100% worth it.

If you have read this far...I know you are ready to do this.

See you in the Arena.


Got Questions? Here are Some Answers...

Is this a weight loss program? No. I don’t teach women to pursue weight loss directly. I teach them how to do the things they want to be doing for themselves more consistently. Is weight loss often a bi-product of that? Of course.

Do I need to be a member of Facebook to join? No. There is a Facebook group available for women who want to connect with other members that way, but you will reap plenty of value without being on Facebook by accessing the course vault.

What if I can’t make the coaching calls? Not a problem. All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded into the online classroom so you can watch them at a time that works for you.

I am nervous I won’t be able to do the work? How much time will this take? As much or as little time as you want it to. There is no “right way” to engage with the Rumble & Rise content. You can take things at your own pace. The real question to be asking is how much do I want to change?

What will I get from this membership, that I don't get from the free Grace & Grit podcast? So much! Rumble & Rise is where you learn to APPLY what you learn on the podcast. Rumble & Rise offers community, accountability, tons of coaching opportunities, and the BEST of my teaching.

Can I really cancel at any time? Anytime before your membership renews, yes.

If I join for a month and do not like what is offered, can I get a refund? No. For the simple reason that you are getting access to all of my professional content for just $59. If you don't like the platform and what is offered, you can cancel your membership at any time, so you will not be charged for another month. But I am very confident that you are going to LOVE IT.