My Plan for Making Meaningful Change in 2018. Want to Join me?

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I will turn 41 in a month and this is the first year I have stepped into a New Year feeling calm and confident that I will reach the goals I have set for myself over the next year.

Yes, that’s right. I have set a few New Year’s resolutions. Gasp!

I know New Year’s Resolutions get a lot of flack these days, but resolutions themselves are not the problem, the way we go about achieving them is where things run horribly amuck.

So how do I know I will achieve my goals this year? A few reasons…

#1 I Negotiated With My Expectations

Expectations are such excitable creatures, aren’t they?

You want to improve your health, and expectations demand you commit to losing 30lbs in 30 days.

You want to strengthen your body, and expectations somehow convince you that registering for a Spartan race next month is a good idea, even though you haven’t done any form of conditioning in over a decade.

Unreasonable expectation can crush your chances for success if you don’t learn how to negotiate with them. So how does one begin the negotiation process with their expectations?

Narrow your focus.

Expecting to lose 80lbs, run a marathon, triple your income, move across the country and climb Everest over the course of the next 12 months is a serious case of expectation-itis that can overwhelm and easily deflate you.

This year: Commit to achieving less (yes, I know how difficult that can be). Draw smaller circles of expectation and, surprisingly, I bet you will accomplish more. A lot more!

Expand your timeline.

Whoever said changing habit only takes 21-days was deeply misinformed or smoking something they probably shouldn’t have been.

Change is hard. It takes time (WAY more than 21-days). Be generous with the amount of time give yourself to make meaningful change and, most importantly, to make it stick.

#2 I Invested Myself in Smart Processes With Mentors I Trust

There are two areas I am committed to growing in over the course of 2018: Finances & Simplifying

Does this mean I am not committed to doing well in other areas of my life? Of course not, but these are the areas I am committed to putting extra resources into because lacking confidence in the financial department and being tired of feeling overwhelmed by all of life’s to-dos are two of the biggest pain points in my life right now.

And so…

I researched the hell out of people who are VERY confident in these areas, and I hired them; not just a for a month or 90 days (because remember: Expand your timeline), I hired them for an entire year.

I signed on with financial maven, Bari Tessler, to educate me on the Art of Money. (She wrote a great book about her approach, which we discussed at length on the podcast. You can listen HERE.)

As for simplicity, I opted into “A Year of Simplicity” curated by the brilliant Courtney Carver, which provides me with gentle monthly doses of small things I can do to declutter my life mentally and physically. (Courtney was also a guest on the podcast in 2017. You can check out her inspiring story HERE.)

I am a strong believer that EVERY coach, trainer, and teacher should have mentors (or, in my case, a small army of them).

#3 I Scheduled LOTS of Time for Practice

There is no point to investing in anything if you don’t schedule the time to show up to do the work.

The first thing I put in my schedule for 2018 were the days and times I was committed to learning and practicing skills in the areas I said were important to me.

If you want to change, you have to create ROOM in your life to change. (I feel so strongly about this, I did an entire podcast episode about it, which you can visit here.)

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#4 I Have Committed To Being Accountable

Not only have I blocked chunks of time daily to work on these areas but I have systems in place for staying accountable.

This is in large part why I sign-up to work with mentors… I have to check in.

Good teachers and effective systems have strategies for keeping you accountable and on track with the work you said you were committed to doing.

Yes, I am basically paying people to assign me homework. Lol.

#5 I Have Scheduled Room for Error

This is perhaps the greatest lesson I have learned over the past few decades in regards to the change process.

For lack of a better phrase: Shit happens.

Life is unpredictable and just when you think it will be smooth sailing, a gale-force wind shows up out of nowhere and makes a mess of all your hard work.

Success requires stacking failures.I know my journey to improve the areas I am committed to improving will not be seamless. There will be things thrown in my path that test what I have learned, and I know FULL WELL that I will make mistakes, take a few detours and have to learn how to reroute myself. Mistakes take TIME to correct and because I had a serious pow-wow with my expectations, I have padded my travel time to the island of success with EXTRA TIME.

Messing up is where all the juicy learning happens and, at this point in my life, I honestly believe that success requires stacking failures. A year gives me plenty of time to dance with failure and learn how to take the lead.

I have long said that one of the primary things that keep me in the field of health coaching is that the behaviors that change someone’s health are the same behaviors that will change ANY area of a person’s life. And this is yet one more reason why I am so confident that I will reach my goals in 2018. I have the tools, I have a smart strategy, I have people who can help me navigate the terrain and now it is really just a matter of showing up, which I am excited to do!

How about you? What are you excited to show up for this year??

If improving your health is a goal that you have for yourself this year, if you are looking for a mentor and a smart process, check out the year-long Grace & Grit Signature Program that starts on January 15, 2018. There are still a few spots left.


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