Metabolic Reboot

Metabolic Reboot

4 Steps to Improve Your Energy, Your Confidence & Your Waistline

(at any age)

You are here because you are a woman who is committed to improving her health. You have probably already adopted some healthy habits but you also feel like you could dig a little deeper so you could feel and function even better.  

It is also likely that you have tried to be compliant with what the diet and fitness industry are so intent on selling, which is one-size-fits-all programs that combine extreme measures and short time frames. Which hasn't worked for the long run and left you feeling even more confused and powerless about how to improve your metabolic function.  

I bet you know some things you could do to improve your metabolic power, but like nearly every woman I have ever worked with, I am guessing you struggle to stay consistent with the application part of the knowledge that you do have, so you feel forever plateaued.  

You desperately want to be at peace with your body, but no matter what you do, your body just doesn’t seem to cooperate with your expectations of it. You feel like you are doing the right things, but they aren’t working!  

So here you are…

Not as energized as you want to feel. A little heavier than you'd like to be. Lacking the confidence you need to step fully into your life. Resigned that maybe this is as good as it gets.  


Hi! I am Courtney Townley the founder of Grace & Grit, the host of the Grace & Grit Podcast and the creator of the Metabolic Reboot Program.  

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you are doing everything right to take care of yourself but like nothing works! You are not alone. I have helped hundreds of women over the years, just like you, who seek out my services because they are feeling the same way.  

It is maddening to see how hard women work to apply the strategies fed to them by the diet and fitness industries and then beat themselves up because they can’t make those strategies work for them.  

But it also inspired me to create Metabolic Reboot: a program designed to help you better understand the intricacies of the metabolism and why what works for your best friend, coworker or husband, may not work for you.  

If you want simple strategies that are easy to implement and can help you to reboot your metabolic fire, I invite you to join me this 5-week Metabolic Reboot Course. 

Here’s what you will find inside the Metabolic Reboot….

Repair (Part 1) Week 1 - July 10th 

We will do a deep dive into how stress specifically disrupts chemical make-up in your body and creates dysfunction in the metabolism. I will walk you through a metabolic stress audit that shows you how to take a close look at 6 primary areas of your life that could be disrupting your metabolic power.

Repair (Part 2) Week 2 - July 17 

I will introduce you to some of the most potent ways to reduce stress in the 6 areas of your life: mental/emotional, nutritional, physiological, enviornmental, chemical, and social. I will arm you with powerful strategies to immediately to start gaining control of your metabolic health.

Rework Week 3 - July 24 

You'll learn the key components of habit change so together we can create lasting change in your life. This will help you remove the overwhelm and consistently take care of your body, so it takes care of you.

Recalibrate Week 4 - July 31 

Once you start to repair your metabolic power by reducing stress and reworking your approach to change, you are ready to learn how to monitor the energy you are using vs how much energy you take in vs how much energy you are expending. If you want to lose weight, this is an important part of the metabolic puzzle to understand.

Reassess Week 5 - August 7 

Now that you are equipped with the tools and a process to honor your metabolic health more easily, you'll learn how to remain flexible with caring for your metabolic health when life throws you a curveball like illness, injury or a major life transition. 

Who + Where + When

Who: The Metabolic Reboot program is for women who feel tired of spinning their wheels. If you're ready to learn a sane and sustainable approach to stoking your metabolic without fixed timelines and extreme measures, this course is for you.

Where: We'll meet as a group for 5 live web meetings. Every Tuesday, I'll walk you through a new part of the Metabolic Reboot Process. Then, we'll dive into Q+A and coaching to address your questions and overcome any obstacles that arise. 

When: We'll meet on Tuesdays from June 10th to August 7th 11am-12:30pm MST. If you can't make a live class, no sweat. All sessions will be recorded and I'll share the video, downloadable audio, and companion worksheets with you right away.

Aubrey got her POWER back!

"Like the masses, I've spent years trapped with thinking I had to go all out in order to see any results with my health. Naturally, I experienced failure after failure.  

As I approached the nearing 40 year mark, I knew I had to take a more sensible approach. What a relief to now have the coaching and training I need to take it one small step at a time. 

I now see better results than ever before when doing a crazy 21-day challenge of one sort or another. I'm much more aware of my body, mind and spirit and how they are VERY much connected and affect one anther.  

This doesn't mean I always do what's best for myself, right, because I still make poor choices sometimes! 

The good news is, I now know exactly what to do to get back on track and it doesn't mean jumping off the deep end."

—Aubrey Hutchinson

Aubrey Hutchison

Franki Found FREEDOM!

"When I first started coaching with Courtney I was completely overwhelmed. 

I had tried SO many different diets, only to feel like in order to be healthy I had to cut out my social life, live by strict food rules, and punish myself with rigorous exercise 6 days a week. Anything less and I was ‘slacking’. 

Inevitably, I was confused and stressed out about how to approach the lifestyle that I had always wanted. Throughout the months, Courtney has helped me find a sustainable approach to health without the pressure of living by someone else’s regimen. 

I’m eating foods I enjoy, moving in a way that is fun, adopted a sleep routine that works for me, and am currently playing around with various stress management strategy’s. Her expertise in behavior change has supported me in making slow and steady progress towards my goals- which has helped in every area of my life! Now I feel a sense of clarity, consistency, and probably the most important, freedom."


She is crushing it despite medical challenges.

"I have been working on my health for years and struggling with stabilizing my weight. Plus, I was dealing with medical challenges that prevented me from being able to exercise as much as I’d like. I started working with Courtney in January and immediately started feeling more in control of my health.  

Although, walking for about 30 minutes and easy physical therapy exercises were all I could do on the “exercise front”, Courtney suggested that I focus on what I COULD do aside from exercise, which turns out to be a lot.  

To my amazement, I have not gained weight during this medical challenge and feel great. I needed major surgery and it finally happened on May 31. I am beginning to walk more and using the habits I have learned with Courtney to heal.  

My lesson has been that when life gets in the way, focus on what you CAN do, which goes a lot way at keeping you mentally and physical in a great space! It is not one thing that makes this program successful, it is the culmination of many things."

—Jodee McDowell

Jodee McDowell


Grab your spot now for this live, interactive, online course designed to end the overwhelm and help you get your power back!

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How Do I Know If Metabolic Reboot Is Right For Me?

If you can say YES to any of the points below, I'd say that you're qualified to dive into Metabolic Reboot and get a ton of value from it. 

  • You have tried diet after diet and still haven’t succeeded. You know there must be another way, you just aren’t sure what it is.  
  • You feel like you are in a constant battle with your body. You want to make peace with it so can focus on the areas of your life that truly mean the most.  
  • You understand that “consistency” is the linchpin to meaningful change and you are ready to learn ways to be more consistent with caring for your metabolic health.  
  • You are tired of meal plans and aggressive exercise plans that you can never seem to stick to anyway.  
  • You have big plans for your life that you keep putting off because you just don’t have the confidence or energy you need to pursue those thing.  
  • You know a lot about health and wellness, but you need a process to help you take action with that knowledge regularly, so you can reap the benefits.
  • You are willing to bring an open mind, a curious heart and an extraordinary work ethic to put into action the things that will allow you to experience a Metabolic Reboot.



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