Midlife is tricky, isn’t it?


If you are a woman in midlife, listen up…

Living a high-stress life while eating a ton of sugar impacts blood sugar regulation and blood sugar has the potential to impact hormones in profoundly negative ways.

Personally, I don’t know a woman who needs more hormonal challenges at midlife.

Hormones are the government of your body.

When your hormonal system is jacked, you feel like poo and when you feel like poo you aren’t exactly doing your best work in the world.

Midlife is tricky, isn’t it?

Many of us are carrying the heaviest load of stress at a time when the hormones that help us carry that load well are starting to leave the party.

So, while we can’t manage every stressor IN our life, there is a lot we can do to manage the impact stressors have ON our life.

Including things like:

💤Getting enough sleep,
🧠Parenting our brains,
💃🏼Moving our bodies,
🥦 Eating more fiber and protein,
🍭 Eating less processed sugar, etc.

This past month I did a deep dive into blood sugar regulation with my Rumble & Rise community and, I expand on that conversation with you, here on Instagram. Come join me.

Midlife is tricky, isn't it?

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