Cheers to ending the Monday morning “do over” madness.

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Cheers to ending the Monday morning “do over” madness.

You know what I am talking about… 

You decide you are finally ready to start taking better care of yourself (for real this time)… 

So, you commit to working out 5 days a week (bootcamp style, of course), you overhaul your diet overnight, commit to meditating 20 minutes a day, and going to bed an hour earlier on a Monday (it is ALWAYS on a Monday). 


By Monday afternoon, you are already losing traction, feeling overwhelmed and like you have proven to yourself (yet again) that this getting healthy stuff really is just too hard for you. 

You eat or drink or Netflix your disappointment away. Feeling a little less motivated by the day.  

Then Sunday you feel so crappy that you recommit to doing it all over again (for real this time). 


You are perfectly capable of taking better care of yourself, but your approach to behavior change might be a little (or a lot) defective.  

But good news… that can be remedied. 

You could keep committing to measures that are way too big to be sustainable and find yourself on the hamster wheel of starting over and over again OR… 

You could join me for the FREE masterclass: Women’s Health Reimagined 

I am only offering this masterclass on 3 dates and the first one is just a few days away! So, if you are interested, do not delay in getting yourself registered.

For women who want a better way.

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