The very reason you will struggle to take action today.  


Whatever happened this weekend, please stop telling yourself that you have to “start over” today.   

Mondays are notorious for this language and it is making your journey harder not easier.  

Telling yourself you have to “start over” on your health journey is like telling yourself you have to demolish your house and rebuild it because the kitchen got a little messy.  

It makes no sense. And starting over feels like SO… MUCH… WORK. Which is the very reason you will struggle to take action today.  

Not to mention… it is IMPOSSIBLE to “start over” along your health journey… it began in the womb. You can’t go back, you can only go FORWARD.  

If you made a few decisions that misaligned you from the direction you were intending to go over the weekend, here are a few thoughts that are much kinder than “I have to start over”…  

“So what?”  

“No big deal.”  

“Isn’t that interesting.”  

“I got this.”   

You don’t need to start over, you simply need to make the next decision one that gets you traveling back in the direction you intended to go.  

That’s it. No dramatic storyline needed:)   

Make it a magnificent and drama-free start to your week, my friends.

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