It’s Monday!


It’s Monday!

I modified the “code of conduct” I give my students for you to read through with the hopes that it will help you roll into your week with a bit more grace.

I will aim for progress over perfection this week and accept that progress is not always linear.

I will not enter this week with all or nothing thinking. I will take some small action rather than no action at all.

I will aim to be proactive, not reactive this week.

I will refrain from using disempowering statements like:
I don’t know.
I am confused.
I am overwhelmed.
I am too busy.
I don’t have time.

Instead, I will strive to ask myself good questions like:
What would I tell someone else with the same problem?
What exactly am I not understanding?
What do I need to say no to, so I feel less overwhelmed?
What am I currently doing that is taking up time but is not in line with my priorities?
How might I manage my time better?

I will commit to staying curious rather than judgemental of my challenges this week. I will ask for support when I need it and I will support others where I can.

I will use failure this week as an opportunity to learn and grow NOT as a reason to quit on myself or beat myself up.

If you are ready to start arguing for all the reasons why…

You CAN,
You absolutely WILL,

Show up for yourself and this amazing life you get to live, come hang out with me.

All the spaces and places to do that are right here.

Make it a great one!

Roll into your week with a bit more grace.

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