There’s more impacting your health than weight.


There's more to weight loss than weight.

Now, let’s talk about real solutions. (because if “weight” isn’t the real problem, weight loss is not the real solution)

➡️ Get radically honest about all the ways you are promoting the stress response in your body. I have mentioned several times this week that the secret to un-jacking your chemistry is unpacking your stress. Then DECIDE hard to lean into reducing the stress in ONE area.

Maybe that is focusing on your food choices, going to bed earlier, setting some boundaries, drinking more water. Unpacking stress in 1 area can help your chemistry in all areas.

➡️ Aim for more “something is better than nothing” in your strategy vs all or nothing. Give yourself permission to start small and progress in micro-steps rather than macro ones.

➡️ Start taking responsibility for how you are thinking about yourself, your life, and what happens in your life. No, that doesn’t mean “just think positive thoughts all of the time”, it means you are thinking in ways that are helpful to you not harmful.

➡️ Develop practices that will help you expand your capacity to feel emotion so you can stop eating, drinking, shopping, and Netflixing your emotion.

THIS is the work we do inside of my Rumble & Rise community. Come join us!

And if that is not a financial possibility at the moment there are 274+ FREE episodes of the Grace & Grit podcast packed with education and inspiration on these very topics.

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