Tips For Developing Your Motivation Muscle

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Weekends can be a really tough time to maintain the standards you have set for yourself around self-care; exhaustion, social occasions, travel, and being out of routine all have the power to derail the best of intentions you have to improve your health.

I get it.

For years I too was in a space where I would start negotiating my healthy habits around mid-week because I was tired, stressed and had lost my Monday morning enthusiasm somewhere around Monday afternoon or, most certainly, by Wednesday morning.

Ultimately, what I learned was that because my motivation was starting to wane by mid-week, if I wanted to stop feeling like I was having to start over (yet again) every Monday morning, I was going to have to develop my motivation muscle.

The crazy thing about motivation is that we expect it to be waiting by our bedside every morning we wake-up, but motivation is fickle – sometimes she shows up, sometimes she doesn’t.

So, you would be doing yourself a huge favor if you developed a practice of cultivating your own motivation each day rather than waiting for her to magically appear because she likely won’t.

Personally, I have found a few things to be immensely helpful in my pursuit of maintaining a high volume of motivation my veins:

#1) I take time every morning to seek out motivation.

This includes reminding myself WHY I am committed to “doing the work”, a short meditation to get myself focused, and reading 1 chapter from a book that motivates me (I share my favorites books on this week’s podcast which you can check out HERE). It takes me all of 20 minutes to do these things and they make a world of difference.

#2) I check-in with the tape that is playing in my head often and much.

About 80% of the time I am lacking motivation it is because of the way I am thinking about the task at hand. I have been doing a LOT of work around managing my mind in the past few years and these days I can change my mindset in a matter of seconds. (By the way, the other 20% of the time I lack motivation can be directly linked to just needing some rest.)

#3) I have come to terms with the fact that ACTION often PRECEDES motivation.

Which means that although I often don’t “feel” like taking action on things I said were important to me, if I take 1 small step forward, motivation eventually shows. Sometimes she just needs to be lured out of her hiding place and action seems to attract her.


However you choose to develop your motivation this week, I am cheering you on from afar!

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