Something I wish more people understood.


Behavior change isn’t just a matter of “changing behaviors”.

Meaningful behavior change is less about the behavior and more about regulating the nervous system and healing relationships (especially the one you have with yourself).

And life presents us with SO MUCH opportunity to jack up the nervous system, especially if we don’t have tools to help us regulate.

For years I thought if I just told people exactly what to do they would be able to change, but as I dove deeper into nervous system health (thanks in big part to my friend and nervous system mentor Irene Lyon), I completely started to shift the way I guide people through the behavior change process.

Nervous system regulation is the basis of EVERYTHING when it comes to your health and well-being.

Not only does it impact every tissue, organ and system in the human body, but it impacts every facet of your life including:

  • How you handle setbacks, challenges, and disappointments in your life.
  • If you will go after the things you are really here to cause and contribute.
  • The health of every relationship you will ever have.

So it is definitely worth learning how to better care for it!

If you are someone struggling with behavior change and/or are interested in nervous system health (and if you are a human, you should be) – check out episode 295 of the Grace & Grit podcast. This is the 6th or 7th interview with Irene (I’ve had her on the show SO MANY TIMES… I have lost countšŸ¤£).

Your nervous system is the currency of your health.

you incredible human.

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