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Healing the nervous system from a life of chronic stress and/or trauma is not
or even fun.

But, man does a regulated nervous system make life SO MUCH BETTER!!! For you and everyone around you.

The doors to Irene Lyon’s Smart Body Smart Mind 12-week program (a course all about nervous system regulation) are open for registration until September 19, 2022.

YES, I am an affiliate of this program. It is the ONLY program I am an affiliate of. Why?

Because I help women step out rather than fade out at midlife and beyond and it is really hard to do that if your nervous system is jacked!

Taking responsibility for your own nervous system healing is imperative for making any kind of lasting behavior change, which is why I encourage all of my students to do this work!

If you register for Smart Body Smart Mind, using the link in my link, by September 19, 2022, not only do you get lifetime access to Irene’s program, but you are getting 6 months of membership in my Rumble & Rise community, an incubator of support, education, and inspiration to make your second act the best one yet!

I share my own experience of the SBSM program in episode 295 of the Grace & Grit Podcast and Irene and I have a great conversation about why the nervous system is foundational to a happier and healthier life. Click here to listen and be sure to check out Smart Body Smart Mind.

Nervous System Regulation

you incredible human.

Time to make MIDLIFE Magic.

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