How noise cancelling headphones saved me.


Late last year my husband bought himself a full-blown drum set for the garage. Gah! 🥁

Now to be fair, my husband was a very skilled drummer in his youth and by the way he drums on tables, the headboard of the bed, the steering wheel… anything really… I knew he still had the itch.
I knew the drums were coming. 😬

My dread stemmed from a conflict of interest between us. He loves making noise. I love eliminating noise.

The good news is when my husband purchased the drum set he also bought me a gift.

Noise-canceling headphones:) 🎧

Which I am convinced just might be the greatest invention of all time!

Seriously, where has this magic been all my life?

More often than not these days, you will find me wearing them.

Not because my husband plays the drums that often, but because once I started wearing them, I realized how noisy my life actually was!

I normalized the noise in my life until something gave me the opportunity to silence it. And now I crave the quiet more than ever.🤷‍♀️

I see a similar response to women traveling through life understanding the value of recovery but normalizing the hustle.

They know they are tired but they convince themselves “it’s not that bad”.

Then something forces them to slow down and they realize how freaking exhausted they actually are and how they have been going through the motions of their life, but not really living it!

And this is the very topic we are exploring this week on the Grace & Grit Podcast: 3 Steps to Infuse Your Life With More Life.

If you have been feeling like your life is a bit void of color lately, do not miss this episode. You can listen in right here.

And, if your partner’s midlife crisis happens to include purchasing a drum set… noise-canceling headphones just might be your salvation.

Seriously, where has this magic been all my life?

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