Not all actions are created equal.


Of course, taking action matters if you want to improve your health or ANY area of your life.

And, not all actions are created equal.

The right actions,
In the right amount,
Taken at the right time,
For the right reasons,

are the ones that fuel progress.

Who decides what the next “right” action is in your journey?

Well… I hope you do.

The next right action for me at this stage of life is likely different than the next right action for you at your age and stage of life.

The amount of action I need to take with certain behaviors to elicit change is probably different than the amount you need to take.

The right time to execute a particular action will undoubtedly, also look different for the two of us because our lives are not orchestrated the same.

A few questions to consider before you commit to your next “right” action along your health journey:

=> Does this action feel like the right next step for me based on the best of what I currently know about myself and my life?

=> Does this action make sense to the wholeness of my life? (not just an isolated part)

=> Is this action something I can sustain over the long term?

=> Do I like my reasons for committing to this action?

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