What helps to nurture relationships?⁣


I teach from the perspective that health is NOT a destination, it is a direction.⁣

While goals may help validate that you are heading in the right direction. Goals alone will not help you improve your health. ⁣

Improving your health IS about nurturing a relationship, the most intimate and long-term relationship you will ever have: the relationship you have with yourself.⁣

What helps to nurture relationships?⁣

Curiosity: A willingness to get to know the person.⁣

Forgiveness: Letting go of past mistakes.⁣

Respect: Believing that the person is WORTHY of being treated well.⁣

Trust: A belief that the person will communicate with you and do what they said they would do.⁣

So let me ask you…⁣

❓ How curious are you about yourself and why you do what you do?⁣

❓ How easily do you forgive yourself?⁣

❓ How worthy do you feel of your own time and attention?⁣

❓ How much do you trust yourself to communicate with your body, mind and soul and honor what needs to be done?⁣

Worth considering, don’t you think?

What helps to nurture relationships?⁣

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