The real nutrition conversations we need to be having…


25 years ago I was teaching Butts & Guts classes at 5 am for the University of Michigan rec center.

Today I help women all over the globe improve their health by helping them to improve their relationship with themselves.

I’ve come a long way, baby!

In case, you are new to my tiny piece of internet real estate called Grace & Grit, here are a few tenets of the work that I do these days.

⁣⁣Health is Multifaceted

Our culture has boiled it down to a physical pursuit consisting of diet and exercise, but health is SO MUCH MORE than that.

Health is a relationship. The most intimate, long-term relationship you will ever have. It is the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. And like any relationship… there are a lot of moving parts to consider.

Trust, honesty, consistency, communication… and so much more. (those are the real superfoods)

Grace AND Grit Are Essential Nutrients.

To live a fully expressed and authentic life, you will need to learn how to accept, heal, befriend, love and extend GRACE to yourself.


You will have to do some lean into discomfort, risk disappointing some people, set boundaries and do the work you have called yourself to do:)

Self-Leadership Is the Secret Sauce.

While mentors, teachers, and coaches can give you some directions in VERY specific areas of your life to develop skills and get closer to particular outcomes – YOU are responsible for taking into consideration how that advice fits into the rest of your life.

And the honest to God truth is… a lot of “health” advice you get may not make any sense to your life. Only YOU can decide that.

THESE are a few of the guiding principles inside my Rumble & Rise community:) If you could use a little help developing any of these areas… consider joining us.

Stabilizing blood sugar for physical and mental health.

Healthiest Year Yet Challenge!

A FREE online event for women who want their healthiest years to be ahead of them (not behind them)!

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