You probably won’t LIKE the message that overwhelm has for you.


Like every human emotion you experience, overwhelm has a message for you.

If you choose to ignore the message… she intensifies.

If you slow down to listen and honor the message… she evaporates.

I don’t know what the exact message is that YOUR overwhelm has for you but I do know she shows up at your door when there are…

=> decisions that need to be made
=> life renovations that need to be considered
=> thoughts that need reframing
=> delegating that needs to be done
=> help that needs to be asked for

You probably won’t LIKE the message that overwhelm has for you, because it often requires doing things that are inconvenient and uncomfortable.

It feels sensible to try to ignore her and hope that she will just give up and go away.

But she won’t.   

On the contrary, she will become ALL consuming.

She takes her job very seriously and she will persist until she is absolutely certain that you have received her message.


While you can’t completely prevent her from showing up on your doorstep from time to time…

If you could use a few tips for improving your relationship with overwhelm, make sure you check out this week’s podcast episode: Extinguishing Overwhelm.

Overwhelm has a message for you.

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