The Owner’s Manual Everyone Wished They Had

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Do you ever wish that when you were born, you came out of the womb with an owner’s manual? You know, a guide you could reference throughout life to tell you precisely what you needed to do to be your happiest & healthiest self?

Owners ManualHow much easier would life be if you just had crystal clear instructions for how to seamlessly navigate your way without tripping up about food, exercise, self-worth and all of the other stuff that makes you feel like you have distanced yourself from yourself?

Well, I use to think about that a lot, and I reached for a lot of systems and methodologies that tricked me into believing that they had written the manual for my body, my happiness and ultimately, my life.

Eventually, I had to stand face to face with the reality of why nothing ever felt like the “perfect” fit for me; why every “system” fell a little flat for me.


The reality I finally confronted was this:

I am not just physical being. I am also an emotional and spiritual being. I am complicated. I am unique. I am not designed on every level like a robot that can be programmed with a code for how to operate by someone else.

I have come to know that my healthiest and happiest place is found at the crossroads of Grace & Grit; that powerful space that melds together self-love AND self-discipline. How I discovered that place was through the wisdom of science AND honoring my unique needs, desires, and life challenges. My healthiest and happiest place is found at the crossroads of Grace & Grit. #GraceandGrit #Transformation

What I ultimately discovered was that if I wanted deep health, I had to be willing to do the deep work of authoring the owner’s manual that I wish had been delivered when I was.

There is a lot we know these days about nutrition and exercise science to help optimize chemistry and physicality in the human body AND to make lasting behavior changes with food and exercise, we also need to be willing to look at the unique beliefs, challenges, and habits that may be impeding our ability to implement what the science teaches us.

While I can’t write your owner’s manual for you, I can most certainly help guide you through the process of not only writing it but more importantly, living it.


I am stronger now than I have ever been and I also had to replace all the pants in my closet with a smaller size. (Save up ladies, you’ll need to go shopping for new clothes soon!) I thought this would be the most exciting part about working with Courtney, but it is not. I recently began personal training with her and am well on my way to doing the first handstands of my life and lifting heavy weights. I’ve also experienced parallel growth in other areas of my life, as a wife, mother, and musician. —Molly Mitchell


In 1 month (October 15th to be precise) I am starting a 6-month journey with a small group of women to radically transform their health through a process of science-backed, cutting-edge, habit-based coaching and I would love to have you join us.

Courtney TownleyI have never been so excited to offer a program because I have never believed so deeply in the power of a program to change lives (and I have taught many awesome programs). This one is special, though, because it is the culmination of my education and my evolution as a trainer, teacher, and nutrition coach. I am delivering the best of what I have learned over the past 20 years into this program.

So if you are looking for something deeper than just another diet or exercise program, if you are ready to do the real work to mend your health story, click here to learn more about how you can do just that.

I only have a few slots remaining in this program and I will not be opening registration again until mid-way into 2019, so if this speaks to you, be sure to register now.


As soon as I heard her voice I knew I was going to be ok. She will rock your world and change your life! I am going to be 60 this year and I feel amazing. I have set boundaries, have strong muscles, and look better than I ever have! I have my wings back!! She will be there for you every step of the way all you have to do is TRUST HER!!! —Tricia Touris

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