Past your prime? Listen to this…


For anyone reading this who thinks they are past their prime —

You are right.

If you think your best years are ahead of you, you are also correct.

My point is…

NO ONES gets to decide when your prime is except for you.

You can go back to school,
You can change careers,
You can write that book,
You can take that trip,
You can uplevel your health,

at ANY age and stage of life.

Are you living today as if your best years are ahead of you or behind you?

I hope it’s the former.

If it’s not. Let’s change that.

Your “prime” is when you decide it is.

Come tell me in the comments here, where do you want to put your best years…ahead of you or behind you??

Past your prime?

Shut Out the Noise!

Skyrocket your self-trust in the health arena and beyond.

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