Perfectionism is for scared people.

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“Perfectionism is for scared people.”

“Perfectionism is for scared people.”

I will never forget the moment I heard those words spoken by one of my mentors, Brooke Castillo.

For years, I fooled myself into believing that things had to be done perfectly or there was no point in doing them.

I was wrong. So very wrong.

The only thing my obsession with doing things perfectly ever got me was a hefty dose of self-judgment and a hard stop on the life I truly wanted to live.

Perfection paralyzed me from putting work out into the world that I felt called to create and pursuing goals that were on my heart.

For many years, I played small and hid behind “perfectionism” in order to do so because I didn’t want to face my fears.

Fortunately, the discomfort of playing small became more uncomfortable for me than conquering the fears that I knew were suffocating my life.

Ditching perfectionism is one of the best decisions I ever made.

It has allowed me to push publish on the Grace & Grit podcast over 185 times, build a thriving online business that serves women around the globe and made me more excited than ever about the goals I have for my life and business because I know there is a very high likelihood that I will accomplish them.

Doing things imperfectly, it turns out, is a superfood for your self-confidence.

I am telling you this today because I am just heading home from a conference in San Diego that was filled with 1000 online entrepreneurs who were also willing to take imperfect step after imperfect step to build their businesses.

Over the course of 3 days, I heard story after story of difficult beginnings, really messy middles



because of a willingness to take the first step without seeing the entire staircase and a fierce commitment “figure it out” regardless of the obstacles and challenges that showed up along the way.

I know you have heard some rendition of this before, but perhaps you need to hear it again?

“You owe it to yourself to ditch perfection. It has never and will never serve you in the way you think it does.”

Commit to taking the next step (you know what it is), no matter how imperfectly… and then take another and another.

I am walking right beside you. ♥

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