Permission to be all in.


Being a working mom has been one of the biggest rumbles of my life.

I love my kid AND I love my work.

There was a time when I was always either stressed about work when I was spending time with my kid or stressed about not being with my kid when I was working.

I still haven’t completely mastered the art of being fully present with one or the other all of the time, but I have come a long way baby!

Giving my full attention to these two things that I love so very much has required me to get crazy intentional about my time and manage the hell out of my brain:)

Today I will put my work to bed by 12 and take this amazing child of mine on an adventure. We will swim in the lake, we will eat ice cream, we will listen to book 5 of Harry Potter on our drive.


I will give myself full permission to not think about work because work, I have learned, is a lot like my dog when I have been out for a few hours … it is AWAYS waiting for me on the other side.

To all the working mothers out there…

While I don’t personally believe in “balance”, I do deeply believe in our capacity to focus.

May you grant yourself permission to be all in with your loved ones this weekend knowing that work will be waiting for you too on the other side:)

May you grant yourself permission to be all in.

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