059: The Death of Dieting with Michelle Rycroft

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I have to admit that I don’t follow a ton of female trainers online because I have a beef with the message a lot of trainers and health coaches are selling to women. If you are a regular listener of this show, you are well aware that I loathe quick fix tactics, supplement pushing, radical detoxes and the like. The trainers and coaches I adore are the ones who are preaching slow and steady, sensible habit change with their clients, who don’t skirt the fact that there is a lot of work involved in any meaningful transformation; people who walk the talk. So, when I see a female health professional demonstrating those things consistently, only then do I become interested and, of course, invite her to be a guest on the Grace & Grit podcast. Which was exactly the case with my guest today, Michelle Rycroft, who owns a sweet little online coaching business called Ripped by Rycroft. Michelle herself has gone through a radical health transformation…and who doesn’t love a great transformation story…and now inspires and educates women to take responsibility for their own health. Obviously, we are kindred spirits that way, which is another reason I asked her to be a guest on the show. Michelle Rycroft is the owner and founder of Ripped by Rycroft, a NASM certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach. Her signature Ripped Girls coaching program helps women gain strength & confidence through weight training & habit based nutrition practices that keep them off the diet cycle so they can go from deprivation to moderation. Outside of coaching women to be beautiful and badass, Michelle spends her free time with her husband of 17 years, their kids, and their German shepherd, Annie. Accomplishments include lifting the heavy things, traveling often, and eating gelato on the regular. To connect with Michelle visit RippedByRycroft.com or find her on Instagram @rippedbyrycroft

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