073: The Art of Going Gray w/ Betsy Ogden

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There is no denying that the aging process poses some challenges to our physiology. I just turned 40 this year, and what my body needs at this stage of my life is a bit more complex than what it needed in my 20’s. Aging demands a new level of respect when it comes to how we care for our body so we can continue to engage with the things that light us up and make us feel fully alive.

On today’s episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I have invited to the show, Betsy Ogden, who is a huge advocate of women’s health especially to the population of women 50+. She has an online business aptly named, “The Art of Going Gray”, where she shares her passion and knowledge of healthy living with her clients and fans.

Betsy is a former dancer, physical therapist and movement enthusiast, who strongly believes that a “moving life is a healthy life”. And, of course, I agree, so I am thrilled to have her here today to share a bit of her wisdom with us and to help us reframe our expectations of aging.

More about today’s guest:

Betsy Ogden is founder of The Art of Going Gray, the home of The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood membership and creator of the signature fitness program Pilates Gone Gray. She gives women over 50 the tools to wake up everyday feeling physically fit and healthy, with energy to burn.

The Art of Going Gray Sisterhood membership offers Pilates-based workouts, resources and community for active, self-determined women over 50 who want to stay vital and healthy for the next 30+years.

Well over 50 herself, Betsy believes with all her heart that the years after 50 are full of promise and that it takes a foundation of health and fitness to take advantage of everything life has to offer.

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