091: The Secret to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet w/ Jenny Carr

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Halloween is now over (I am sure I am not the only mother out there whispering “thank god” under her breath). I love a lot of the traditions of Halloween but the sheer volume of candy involved in the holiday drives me crazy! I went trick-or-treating for all of 25 minutes with my son and, in that short time; he must have collected several pounds of candy. Ugh!

Sugar makes things taste good, but as far as good qualities sugar provides, it ends there. I really try hard not to label foods “bad” but in the case of sugar it is really hard not to, because of all of the inflammation it creates in the human body.

Chronic inflammation has been linked to nearly EVERY dis-ease known to man. Our bodies have a lot of stressors to contend with on any given day; there are lots of reasons for our system to get inflamed outside of the food choices we are making. So, we aren’t doing our body any favors when we ingest things that cause even MORE inflammation.

Inflammation is a very important topic that I have addressed on this podcast many times, and it is a topic I have every intention on continuing to talk about. Today’s guest, Jenny Carr, is a health coach who specializes in the topic of inflammation, has been on the podcast before to speak with us about this topic. Jenny just authored her first book, called Peace of Cake: The Secret to an Anti-Inflammatory Diet, so I begged her to come back to share some more of her wisdom with you! And low and behold, she said yes!

More about today’s guest:

Jenny Carr is an anti-inflammatory health coach, a motivational speaker, a mom and an international best selling author of Peace of Cake: The Secret To An Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Jenny went through a near death experience from chronic illness and survived, much due to walking her talk of anti-inflammatory living. She specializes in helping people maintain an anti-inflammatory diet without feeling deprived and overwhelmed, all while melting away chronic symptoms.

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