105: The Necessity of Slowing Down to Nourish Deep Health w/ Krista Scott-Dixon

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I am beyond thrilled to have Krista Scott-Dixon, the intellectual powerhouse behind Precision Nutrition’s curriculum, back on the show.

I specifically invited Krista to come back to the show this month because the way Precision Nutrition goes about helping people return to health, in my opinion, is hugely on point with this month’s theme, “Permission to Pause”, because the PN methodology encourages people to slow down and become more aware of and self directed in their behaviors so they can better take care of themselves with more consistency.

More about today’s guest:

Krista has her PHD in Women’s Studies, has been teaching and coaching for more than 20 years, she has authored several books, she is widely published in academic and popular journals and is currently the director of curriculum for Precision Nutrition.

She is not shy about sharing her own personal struggles with food, body image and the like. She is a self-described formerly un-athletic person who eventually took on things like grappling and Judo along the path to deep health. Krista’s website, www.Stumptuous.com, has inspired thousands of women to forge a better relationship with strength training, food and body image.

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