112: Know Thy Food: Tips for Sourcing Your Food w/ Jennifer Knoetgen

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In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast my guest Jennifer Knoetgen, who runs a business called Mountain Meat Shares, and I discuss:

  • The challenges with commercial farming
  • The value of knowing where your food is coming from
  • Tips for making “sourcing your food” less overwhelming
  • How to get the most out of your farmers market experience
  • Basic strategies for home gardening

Interested? Listen in!!!

Mentioned in this episode:

More about Jennifer Knoetgen:

My mission in creating Mountain Meat Shares is to source meat from local farms that I have visited, from farmers I have interviewed that raise animals to my standards—meat I would eat. I will then work with local processors to create a finished product that you can enjoy each month. Read more about my story and the philosophy that drives us here.

Learn more: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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