117: Exploring Identity Through Parkour w/ Julie Angel

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In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I had the awesome privilege of interviewing a woman I have admired from afar for years, Julie Angel.

Julie has lived a very textured life as an artist, author and now movement teacher. She was inspired to start practicing Parkour at 35, which opened up an entire new way of living for her.

Just to give you a small taste of her wisdom, Julie has this to say on her own website, www.see-do.com:

“I believe we can age positively by investing time in how we move, what communities we connect with, challenging our self-limiting beliefs, spending time in nature, becoming more minimalist and taking control of our health”

For more wisdom from Julie on movement, bravery, and aging gracefully tune into this episode.

Mentioned in this episode:

More about today’s guest, Julie Angel:

An artist, author, movement coach, founder of See&Do & eternal optimist dedicated to sharing knowledge and stories that inspire others into action.

Starting life from the simplicity and beauty of the South West of England, I’ve always travelled and had a passion for understanding people, places and their projects.

Through my Ph.D. research, award winning short films amassing over 16 million views online, published book ‘Breaking the Jump’, consultations for the United Nations, international academic and artistic presentations, workshops and personal coaching, I help people like you overcome obstacles and rediscover your potential by finding a love of, and meaning in movement.

Learn more: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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