220: Fat Loss Basics, Part 2: The Foundation Matters


​When it comes to fat loss, your hormonal health matters… a lot!

Your hormones are the government of your body, so when they are out of alignment, messages aren’t communicated correctly, things get a little (or VERY) confused and a lot of metabolic dysfunction ensues:

  • Your gut health gets disrupted.
  • Your mental health takes a hit.
  • Your organ’s ability to function at full capacity declines.
  • Your muscle health suffers.

… just to name a few things.

And all of this chaos, in turn, contributes to even more hormonal dysfunction and round and round it goes making fat loss feel impossible.

So the question is:
How do you heal and fortify your hormonal landscape?

Listen to this episode to find out:)

Fat Loss Basics, Part 2: The Foundation Matters


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