260: Healing the Nervous System & Why It Matters w/ Irene Lyon


It would be lovely and oh-so-simple if health was simply a byproduct of nutrition and exercise, but it’s not. Not by a long shot. It is a byproduct of learning how to better manage the things IN your life that act as stressors on your life, because…

An overflowing stress load can massively disrupt the nervous system, which then disrupts our capacity to improve our lives as my guest, Irene Lyon, so beautifully explains.

I have been a longtime fan of Irene’s work around trauma and nervous system health because I have seen it improve the lives of not only of my clients, but I have experienced the incredible healing power of it in my own life.

In what ways might your health improve if you learned to regulate your nervous system? Check out this episode to find out:)

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Healing the Nervous System & Why It Matters w/ Irene Lyon
Irene Lyon

More about today’s guest:

Irene Lyon, MSC. and nervous system expert, teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to transform trauma, heal body and mind, and live full, creative lives. To date, her online programs have reached thousands of people in over 60 countries. Irene has a Master’s Degree in Biomedical and Health Science and also has a knack for making complex info easy for ALL of us to understand and apply to our lives. She has extensively studied and practices the works of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, Peter Levine (founder of Somatic Experiencing) and Kathy Kain (founder of Somatic Practice). Irene spends her free time eating delicious food, hiking in the mountains or walking along the Pacific Ocean in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

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