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331: Summer Remix Series: How to enjoy your summer AND rock your health.

This episode is part of the Grace & Grit Summer Remix Series which started with episode 330. This series will reintroduce episodes that have previously been published as reminders that self-development is not a one-and-done job but rather an ongoing practice. Enjoy! Summer has arrived here in North America and with it comes travel, barbecues, camping trips, and opportunity to disrupt our everyday routines.  And saying YES to these things can be so incredibly beneficial to...
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330: Summer Remix Series: Knowing When to Push and When to Pause

The older I get, the more acutely aware I am of the value of pausing to be able to maintain the pushing and in dedication to that knowing, I am extending myself the grace of pausing the production of new episodes of the Grace & Grit Podcast until the fall. I can’t believe it but we have produced 330 episodes of content over the past several years AND to continue to produce the level of...
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329: REAL Midlife Magic: Stories from the inside.

3 years ago I decided to run an experiment in my business. I started a community called Rumble & Rise where the primary focus would be to help women develop self-leadership skills so could fortify their self-trust, improve their well-being and go after the things on their heart. It was an ambitious endeavor and I had NO idea how it would turn out, but I was so frustrated by what was being sold to women...
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328: Health in the Face of Dis-ease w/ Claire Schulz Bergman

I have long taught that health isn't necessarily the absence of dis-ease but how we show up in the face of it. Why? Because life is FULL of dis-ease. Sometimes dis-ease comes in the form of relationship challenges, financial hardship, the loss of loved ones etc. And sometimes it looks like a diagnosis you never could have seen coming. My client, dear friend and guest on today’s podcast, Claire Schulz Bergman, shares her experience of...
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327: Simplify to Amplify: Why less is more along the path to change.

There is a lot of noise "out there" trying to convince you that you need complex measures to improve your health and well-being, but what I have found to be true time and time again throughout my coaching career is that consistency with basic measures can revolutionize a person’s life. So why don’t we embrace simplicity along the path to change? Well, because we struggle with the consistency part and then convince ourselves that simple...
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326: Breathing As a Movement Skill w/ Julie Angel

When most people think about movement training they don't necessarily think about training their breath patterns, but my guest on this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, Julie Angel, will have you convinced that breath is indeed a movement skill that everyone can benefit from. Julie Angel is a multi-passionate movement, breathwork and parkour coach, artist, award winning filmmaker and author. In this episode we explore: The benefits of restoring functional breathing patterns, Why...
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325: Breaking Free From Comfort Culture

Modern day life affords us a LOT of comfort. Too much comfort, I will argue in this week's Grace & Grit podcast episode. Comfort is costing us a lot in terms of our health and well-being, so in this episode we explore: Pursuing discomfort on purpose, The connection between discomfort and longevity, Grit as a vital nutrient for health & well-being, … and so much more. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE The Consistency Code Crash Course
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324: Navigating Hormonal Changes in Midlife w/ Laini Gray

“Test don’t guess” is a phrase you will often hear coming from the lips of my podcast guest today, Laini Gray. Laini is a functional diagnostic practitioner and wellness coach who specializes in helping women understand the root causes of dis-ease at midlife. Let’s face it, ladies there is a lot that happens on a chemical level (hello hormones) at midlife that demands a different level of self-care if we want to rock our second...
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323: Loneliness at Midlife: Strategies for Finding or Reconnecting w/ Community

I recently sent out an email to my subscribers asking them to share with me the #1 thing standing in the way of them putting their best years ahead of them. The answers were wide and varied, but there were a lot of common threads. One of those threads, in particular, broke my heart and inspired this podcast episode… feeling alone, isolated, or a lack of connection. There are SO MANY reasons you may be...
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322: The Ultimate Power Wound

I spend a LOT of time coaching around the topic of personal power because owning, generating, protecting, and expressing power is so necessary for healing… mentally, physically, and emotionally. And, while many things rob us of our personal power and cause what I refer to as a power wound, in this episode, I do a deep dive into the ultimate power wound and what you can do about it. If you feel powerless in your...
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321: Building “Atomic Habits” w/ Claire Schulz Bergman

If you have spent even an ounce of time researching “how to change habits”, you have likely bumped into the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. Well… Grace & Grit is hosting its very first book club called, Study It w/ Grace & Grit, and Atomic Habits will be the first book we study. Claire Schulz Bergman, an avid athlete, wellness professional and therapist will be facilitating this book club so I have invited her...
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320: The Power of Letting Go

It is really hard to rise to the occasion of your life when you are constantly weighed down by things that no longer serve you (and maybe never did). And… Letting go of the familiar and stepping into uncertainty can feel so damn hard. In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I share some of the most common things I see my clients clinging to, to the detriment of their own well-being, including...
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