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027: The Secret to Sustainable Health Goals

There is a lot of talk these days about the importance of sustainability in regards to how we live, but we all know… talk is cheap. Our actions speak volumes and are saying something else. As consumers, far too many of us are still buying into quick, fast and easy solutions that provide little to no long term success. Many people don’t want to pay the cost in terms of time, money and energy to...
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026: Making Peace With Failure

If you are deeply committed to up-leveling yourself in any way…you will mess up, fall down and fail often and much. Sorry, my friend…it will not be a paved, leisurely track all the way to your goals. Does that mean all of your progress goes out the window and you should quit when you make a mistake? Absolutely NOT! And, yet…so many women do. Which just perpetuates the madness of our diet culture. In this...
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025: Overcome the Challenges of Summer and Thrive

Summer is in full swing and with it comes loads of reasons you could loose footing with the progress you have made with your health goals, or rationalizations about why you won’t start taking responsibility for your health until the fall. In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, Courtney talks about how to not just survive the summer months, but how to thrive through them despite the obstacles that will surely arrive. Notes:...
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024: Staying Committed to Healthy Habits While Traveling

Traveling can be wildly disorienting when it comes to taking care of yourself; you’re away from your kitchen, your workout space and your familiar schedule. Travel demands that you become more creative and flexible to ensure you still give your body, mind and soul what they deserve…your attention. And while it isn’t always easy, with a little pre-planning, it is possible.
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023: Return to Food with Sherry Strong

Sherry Strong, food philosopher and nutritional strategist, is a woman with a mission: to help people rebuild a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet. Millions of people are not eating real food. They are eating something cleverly designed to look, smell and taste like it but often has the opposite effect of real food. There is a point in processing where the food is so far from its natural state that it...
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022: Developing an Appetite for Healthy Foods

If you are serious about optimizing your health and the health of your family, you must familiarize yourself with the very real and destructive power of chronic inflammation. In this week’s episode of the podcast, health coach Jenny Carr gives us the lowdown on chronic inflammation, as well as tips and strategies for helping to minimize inflammation that may be coming from our diet. Jenny also dishes out loads of advice for helping parents raise...
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021: Meal Planning Made Easy

Far too often, when I start coaching a client on improving their food choices, they will say to me, “Just tell me what to eat.”Let me be clear, I don’t ever tell clients exactly what they should eat on any given day. That is not what I do, that is what diets do.I don’t do diets and neither should you. The work I do teaches you how to nourish your best life and, of course,...
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020: Socializing Healthfully

Maintaining a social life, while trying to get healthier can certainly pose some challenges due to the fact that most social events are based on less than stellar food and lots of alcohol. If you are really committed to your health, you are going to have be ok with creating some parameters for yourself when you do go out for social occasions. In this episode, Courtney introduces tried and true strategies for navigating your social...
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019: Common Injuries Among Women and How to Avoid Them

In this episode, Kat Ingalls DPT (doctor of physical therapy) helps us to better understand some of the most common injuries women experience when working to up-level their health. We discuss the dangers of pushing your body too hard too fast and why a foundation of basic strength, combined with smart exercise progression, is so important. Kat also dishes out tips and tricks for quicker recovery when an injury does occur.
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018: Hormones, Adrenals and Thyroid Issues…oh my!

The female hormonal system is complex, to say the least and it can make a woman a hot frustrated mess (literally) when it comes to improving health. In this episode, Dr. Jen Hawes helps us to better understand some of the most common hormonal, thyroid and adrenal issues women face and how we can best protect ourselves against hormonal warfare.
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017: The Power of Sleep and Tips for Improving It

When it comes to optimizing your health, sleep is a really big deal. You can eat a clean diet and move your body daily, but if you are neglecting your recovery and dream time, your body will struggle to absorb and deliver the nutrition you are feeding it and your muscles will be unable to repair and rebuild. Your immune system will be compromised and your cognitive function will go out the window. And this...
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016: Moving Out of the (Exercise) Box

The fitness industry has made exercise very, very complicated. So complicated, in fact, that many women I coach have fierce resistance to it, even though they understand the importance of it. What if the secret to feeling better fast physically, emotionally and mentally wasn’t about the latest and greatest exercise system that the fitness industry has conjured up but rather about moving your body more consistently throughout the day? Loving this podcast? Head over to iTunes...
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