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319: From Digital Distraction to Digital Wellness: Insights and Strategies for Better Tech Use w/ Dr Kristy Goodwin

I like to think that the real work that I do in the world is to help women get out of “integrity pain”. The very real mental, emotional and even physical pain that results from living life out of alignment with what you truly want for your life. And one of the things creating a tremendous amount of integrity pain for my clients is their relationship with technology. We are living in a world that...
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318: The Hiding Habit: Understanding and Conquering the Urge to Avoid Action

There are thousands of ways to hide from the work you know you need to do to move your life to higher ground. In fact, most of us have developed a habit of hiding from the work in at least one dimension of our life, if not several. The hiding habit can look like a lot of things… Convincing yourself you need more information before you get started, Waiting for the “perfect” time, Telling you...
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317: The Midlife-Anxiety Connection

Anxiety is not the most likeable of human emotions. Most of us would probably rather go our entire life without experiencing it. And yet… it is a part of the human experience and, like every emotion, it contains important intel for you. In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast, I explore why the midlife female population is especially susceptible to experiencing anxiety and, more importantly, what we can do to navigate it with...
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316: Navigating Nervous System Health for Behavior Change w/ Irene Lyon

Nervous system health is intimately linked with EVERYTHING I teach and talk about on the Grace & Grit podcast. Which is why I am having yet another conversation with my good friend and nervous health expert, Irene Lyon. In this interview, we explore the connections that the nervous system has to: Midlife Wellness Self-Leadership Taking Risks Developing Health Relationships … and so much more. Plus, there is a special invitation inside to dive deeper into...
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315: Reinvention: The Invitation of Midlife

I have such a soft spot in my heart for women in midlife. Probably because I myself am in this age group, but also because I have been serving this population for the majority of my career. Women between the ages of 40-70 make up about 70% of my client base. This phase of life offers so many unique challenges, one of them being that the hormones that are helping us to manage stress are...
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314: The Drama-Free Formula: A Potent Solution for a Stress-Less Life

Life is full of stressors and, while it may not be possible to live completely stress-free, it is absolutely possible to live with a lot less stress than you are carrying right now. How? By ruthlessly editing the stories you tell yourself, about yourself and your life. In other words, by ditching the drama. In this episode, I teach you a 4-step formula for doing just that, so you can minimize your stress and show up...
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313: Unintended Damage

Personal power is our capacity to feel fully alive and yet… so many of the things we do to try and restore power in our lives are coming from a place of manipulating, forcing, and being incredibly aggressive with ourselves. I call this false power. It doesn’t heal you, it hurts you, and ultimately robs you of the opportunity to live full out. Maybe false power shows up for you as…Berating yourself for making mistakes.Dismissing...
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312: Boundaryless: The cost of refusing to set limits.

Many people struggle to implement boundaries with themselves and with others. And one of the reasons they struggle is because of what they are making boundaries mean. Boundaries will make people think I don’t care.Boundaries rob me of my freedom.I shouldn’t have to set boundaries.… just to name a few. The truth is, boundaries are what actually afford us deep relationships and freedom in our life. In this episode of the Grace & Grit Podcast...
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311: Restore Health At Any Age w/ Joan and Michelle MacDonald

It is never too late to improve your health & well-being, and Joan MacDonald (who might better know as @trainwithjoan) is an awesome example of that. In this episode of the Grace & Grit podcast, I have the awesome privilege of sitting down with both Joan and her daughter Michelle to talk about the journey to improved health and the things that are so often overlooked along the path to making meaningful change. Things like…...
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310: Expanding Your Capacity to Feel Wonderful Things

To go after the things you really want for your life, you have to open yourself up to experiencing big emotions without reacting to them. I have done a lot of podcast episodes about the value of leaning into the emotions that don’t feel so good (like discomfort and disappointment), but in this episode, I want to talk about expanding your capacity to experience the feel-good ones – like power, joy, and confidence. This is...
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309: My New Year’s Wish for You

Every year I do a podcast about lessons I’ve learned in the past year or hopes I have for the Grace & Grit community in the year ahead and this year I want to share something that took me years to learn, but that has made all the difference to my health and happiness AND the health and happiness of the women I coach. Have a listen. Share it with another woman who could benefit...
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308: Restoring Your Personal Power in 2023

​Power is the root of a lot of the topics I dive into on the Grace & Grit podcast and in my paid programs. I have called it a lot of things – integrity, self-leadership, personal responsibility – but at the end of the day, we are really talking about power. What it really takes to step into your power to live an authentic and fully expressed life. In this episode of the Grace & Grit...
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